Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg
To the World through Gianna Sullivan
Given on December 12, 2004
The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe
For release on December 19, 2004
The 15-year Anniversary of Our Lady's Apparitions to Gianna

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, God has blessed this country and the world in so many ways;
and yet, there are so many people who fail to see the beauty and the grace
given from Heaven.

Peace and freedom are for those who truly want to know the meaning of
"peace" and the meaning of "freedom". Your freedom is just that, freedom;
and yet, the more freedom you have, the more you desire to change the moral
values of mankind and to change what true freedom really is. The meaning
of "freedom" is not the license to do what you desire to do, when you want
to and how you desire to, both in your thoughts and words and in your
behaviors. "Freedom" is a true "Peace" in your hearts, where you are able
to be loving, charitable, free from the vices and temptations of sin, and
free from the fear of tribulations due to the natural causes in the
world. You are free because of your trust and your love of God. God gave
you life; and the more you cherish life and live it fully, the more you
will grow and the freer you will be.

It is a blessing for me to come and be with you. This blessing is given
from God the Father, not that all should come to me, but that all should go
directly to my Son. I simply am a servant who points the way and will help
you, should you desire it. Regardless, my love and my Heart remain with my
Son; and my desire for you is that each of your hearts and your love remain
also with my Son. But if they are not, then my desire is that you allow me
to help you.

What a great period of time for preparation it now is. It is a time when
you celebrate the Birth of my Son, not just symbolically; but when you
celebrate the Joy of Him being alive and coming into your hearts and that
Joy burning within your hearts. It is a time when you should tend to Him,
because He has given His Life for you.

I love you and I bless you in His Most Holy Name. Prepare in the silence
of your hearts. Be pure; and give, give, and give all of yourselves to the
Heart of Jesus which awaits your love.

Reflection on the Dec. 12, 2004 Message

Our Lady challenges her children in this country by asking us to consider
the true meaning of freedom. True freedom does not include the moral
relativism which is so pervasive in this society. To be free is, certainly,
not to be unrestrained in our thoughts, words and deeds, so as to do
anything we choose. Such licentiousness destroys peace, destroys life and
defies God's Holy Will. False freedom bears the rotten fruit of anarchy,
social chaos, selfishness and sin. On the other hand, true freedom is the
unhampered ability to follow the dictates of one's conscience, to do what
is right by following God's law which is inscribed on every human heart. A
person is truly free when he is able to love and serve God and His People,
rather than being enslaved by passions, shackled by bad habits or bound by
undue forces. It is in this sense, I believe, that our Blessed Mother says
in this message that true freedom brings peace in our hearts. If we trust
in the Lord, love Him and honor His commandments, we can be truly free to
receive the peace which only God can give.

During this Advent season, let us respond to our Heavenly Mother's
invitation and allow her to assist us in preparing for the celebration of
the birth of our Divine Savior. Let us surrender all we are and all we have
to our Mother, so she may present us to the Adorable Sacred Heart of the
Child Jesus. Then we shall, in silence and purity, receive deep Christmas joy.

(Fr. John B. Wang)