Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

January 31, 2005

The Feast of St. Don Bosco


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, I wish you could see the Joy that God has when He looks

into your souls and sees the beauty and tranquility there, and when

He receives the praise you give to the Triune God.

Even in the midst of your turmoil, little ones, the trivial things

that you make bigger than they really are, these are nothing in the

eyes of God. God looks into your hearts and souls and at all your

good actions, your intentions, your prayer, and your incentives. So

be at peace, and know that you are blessed by the Hand of God. All

your intentions are taken by me and laid at the Foot of my Son's

Cross, where He then in His One Salvific Act presents them to His


With all the pain that has occurred through the events in the world,

yet there is nothing that has not been previously foretold. In

fact, I have cautioned and invited all to be prepared so that when

these things happened, all would be in the proper frame of mind, one

of preparation, and with their hearts at peace.

The prophecy** of my son, Saint Don Bosco, is now unfolding; and you

living within this time period are witnessing its Truth with your

own eyes. Within this unveiling, there too you shall see unfold the

prophecy of my most blessed Saint Anthony's (of Padua) precious


I know, little ones, that all can rise above levels of interior

conflict and external pressures to be able to be a people of Peace.

"So fly away, you evil spirits! The Lion of the Tribe of Juda, the

Root of David has conquered." ***

All the evil ones shall be silenced and cast into the Lion's mouth.

Peace to you, little ones. My Joy is with you, and my prayer is

that your joy may be complete.


(It was on January 31, 1993, twelve years ago, on the Feast of St.

Don Bosco, that Our Lady first appeared as Our Lady of Emmitsburg to

Gianna in Emmitsburg, Maryland, at the Lourdes Grotto, and invited

her and her future husband Michael to leave their homes and careers

and to move there after their marriage later that year, to assist

Our Lady of Emmitsburg in her plan for the world.)


**On May 30, 1862, Father Don Bosco narrated a dream in which he saw

the Roman Pontiff standing at the helm of a great flagship (the

Church) steering it amidst the attack from many enemy ships

(persecutions against the Church) between two solid columns soaring

high into the sky. One column is surmounted by a statue of the

Immaculate Virgin at whose feet a large inscription reads: Help of

Christians; and the other column, loftier and sturdier, supporting a

large (Eucharistic) Host and bearing beneath it the inscription:

Salvation of Believers; these two columns signifying the only two

things that can save mankind in such a great hour: Devotion to Mary

and to the Blessed Sacrament.

(Brown, Eugene M., Rev., Dreams, Visions & Prophecies of Don Bosco,

Don Bosco Publications, New Rochelle, New York, 1986.)

***Our Lady quoted these words from the Prayer or Blessing against

Storms, which has appeared for 33 years in the PIETA prayer book,

and which in the new 2005 edition is attributed to a pilgrim priest

who in the 13th century anonymously visited a convent and church

near Lisbon, Portugal, that had been devastated almost yearly by

storms, causing severe loss of property and life. This pilgrim

priest left a written copy of this prayer with the gatekeeper of the

convent, and then he disappeared. It was posted and carried by the

monks, and since that time storms have caused no damage to either

the convent or the religious there. Subsequently, it was ordered to

be published by Pope Innocent III (1198-1216). On January 15, 2005,

Our Lady of Emmitsburg shared with mystic Gianna Sullivan that this

mysterious pilgrim priest had been St. Anthony (of Padua), and she

encouraged the use of this prayer during these current times.

(PIETA, MLOR Corporation, Hickory Corners, MI, USA, [269] 731-4490,


Reflection on the Jan. 31, 2005 Message

In this message, it is of great significance that the Mother of God

indicates the time for the fulfillment of the renown vision given to

St. John Bosco has now come. The final battle between Good and Evil

seems to be imminent.

The victory of the Church is anchored in Jesus and Mary, the two

colossal columns, soaring high into the sky amidst the stormy sea.

The Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus in the Sacred Host,

Salus credentium - Salvation of Believers and the Immaculate Virgin,

Auxilium Christianorum - Help of Christians convey that our duty as

combatants is crystal clear: Fervent Eucharistic Adoration and

Ardent Devotion to our Blessed Mother. Thanks be to God that Pope

John Paul II, aflame with the Holy Spirit, has steered the course of

the Bark of Peter through the Year of the Rosary and, now, the Year

of the Eucharist.

Therefore, let us, daily, spend long hours prostrating and pleading

before the Most Holy Sacrament and, incessantly, praying and

meditating on the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary. As promised,

Jesus and Mary will calm the storm and guide us to the safe,

tranquil harbor of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and

the Eucharistic Reign of the Child Jesus.

(Fr. John B. Wang)