Confirmation & Fatima Procession

May 13, 2005

Sometimes when I think about how I was living my life before Emmitsburg it makes me feel very bad. It is difficult to face the reality that I did not even consider getting C.R.C. baptized until he was 7 years old. Another 7 years has passed and today C.R.C. was confirmed at St. Francis Xavier in Gettysburg by Bishop Kevin Rhoades.

It was a very good feeling to have C.R.C. confirmed by a bishop who has been so supportive of Mission of Mercy and acted as a spiritual advisor to Gianna Sullivan. It was a very nice day and this is how it went.

I took the day off from work today because of C.R.C.’s confirmation. I slept a little late and as I was getting dressed I suddenly felt the peace that I instantly recognize. I looked over at the clock on the dresser and the time was 7:13.

I went down stairs and had coffee with S.C.C. and then did a few little things around the house. When I finished those things I sat down and caught up the daily journal I keep. I then had the sudden feeling that now was a good time to write the April 26th paper. Like always I pray before I begin to write a paper. At the instant I finished my prayer I felt the peace. I looked at my watch and the time was 9:33. I then wrote the paper and completed it after many interruptions at 11:33:13.

After I completed the April 26th paper I continued to write the May 6 & 7th paper. While I was working on the paper I very suddenly remembered that I needed to get ready for C.R.C.’s confirmation. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13. I stopped working on the paper, got ready and left the house to go meet my mother, sister and nephew Eric at St. Peter’s Books. I looked at my watch as I walked out the door and the time was 2:13.

S.C.C. had already left to go to St. Francis because she needed to get C.R.C. there early. After S.C.C. got to St. Francis she called and said that there were long delays and detours because of road construction going from our house to Gettysburg and that I should go another way.

I met my mother, sister and Eric at St. Peter’s and we left to go to Gettysburg avoiding the route that S.C.C. warned me about. We arrived in Gettysburg and got caught in heavy traffic. We missed a turn to get to St. Francis and had to turn around. I was supposed to have my sister Barbara at St. Francis for a 3 o’clock rehearsal because she is C.R.C.’s sponsor. When we arrived and walked in the front door of the church I suddenly felt the peace. I glanced at my watch and the time was 3:13:33.

Later while sitting in church waiting for the 4:30 confirmation mass to begin I was just sitting there. I just happened to notice that every person in my pew was praying the rosary. I was the only person who was not. I decided that I would pray the rosary too. At the very instant I began the rosary I felt the peace. I glanced at my watch and the time was 4:13. About a minute after I finished the rosary the mass began and the time was 4:33.

Very shortly after the mass began I again felt the unmistakable feeling of sudden peace. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33. The mass was beautiful and you could tell a lot of work went into it. C.R.C. was confirmed along with about 80 other young people. After Holy Communion Bishop Rhodes said “Let us pray” it was at that instant the peace hit again. I looked down at my watch and the time was 6:13. The mass ended a few minutes later and C.R.C. had his picture taken with Bishop Rhodes.

We then rode back to Emmitsburg because of the Fatima Rosary Procession that takes place every May and October 13th. The procession was scheduled to begin at 7 pm and process from the Basilica to St. Joseph’s. We were running late and when we arrived I parked and joined the procession just as the rosary was beginning. The time was 7:13.

We processed towards St. Joseph’s saying the Glorious Mysteries of the rosary. One person was heckled from a passing motorist calling us weirdo’s. At the very instant we arrived at St. Joseph’s I felt the peace hit again. I glanced at my watch and the time was 7:33.

Fr. O’Malley had given permission to process into the church and place the statue of Our Lady of Fatima under the tabernacle. We prayed for a while and sang a few songs. Gianna Sullivan gave a tearful “thank you” to everybody. We then went to the garden area behind the parish hall for refreshments.

My mom and sister needed to go back to "hometown" but wanted to eat at the Ott House first. I told them I would meet them there in a few minutes. I walked back down to the Basilica to get my car and I drove it back to St. Joseph’s to park it there. I arrived back at St. Joseph’s and the time on the dash was 8:33.

I walked across the street to the Ott House and I arrived just as the waitress was ready to take the order. We ate and everybody had a very nice evening. Ray Sanders and Roberta Marziani showed up and joined us at our table. When we finished eating my mom and sister left to go back to "hometown". I then drove Roberta back to where her car was parked and then I drove home and pulled in my driveway and the time just as I came to a complete stop was 10:33.

R_____ C___

May 17, 2005

10:33 Pm