Second Sunday Mission of Mercy Mass Coordination

July 7, 2005

I was at the National LMC Retreat in Connecticut when I called home and first heard that S.C.C. and I were being asked if we would consider and pray about becoming the next coordinators of the 2nd Sunday Mission of Mercy mass at St. Mary’s. Bob and Jean Nichols have been doing this job for over 2 years and are stepping down. At the instant S.C.C. told me about this I really did not know what to think or say. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13.

S.C.C. and I decided that we would not say yes or no until we had time to talk about it and pray about it after I got home. We took plenty of time to think and pray about this and finally decided that we would do it. We ran into Bob and Jean Nichols after mass at Taneytown this past Sunday and told them that we would do it. At that instant I felt the peace run through me and I glanced down at my watch and the time was 3:13.

Bob suggested that we meet at St. Mary’s one evening this week and he and Jean would show us everything we needed to know. We picked the evening of Thursday July 7th and this is how the day went.

The day started for me when I was again suddenly awakened from a sound sleep with a peaceful desire to pray during the middle of the night. When this happens I can instantly recognize the peace and tranquility that comes with it. I turned and looked over at the clock next to the bed and the time was 4:13.

While I was praying I thought about S.C.C. and I taking over the 2nd Sunday mass for Mission of Mercy and our meeting tonight with Bob and Jean. After I said a few prayers I went back to sleep. Later in the morning I left the house to go to work and as I walked out the door I glanced at my watch and the time was now 6:13. I stopped at St. Joseph’s to say a quick prayer for our new duties with Mission of Mercy and when I finished I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

While I was driving to work I had a very strong, out of nowhere thought that I do not understand. The thought was, what happens to me and what I have written down over the years is directly coordinated around the apparitions of Our Lady to Gianna Sullivan and contains within it a timeline of events that no human could possibly coordinate between the two. This unusual and sudden thought was so brief and instantaneously clear that I knew it was not from me. At that instant I noticed the odometer was 1.3 and the CD flashed 13.

I continued driving and arrived at All Saint’s in Manassas for mass before going across the street to work. At the instant I pulled in the parking lot the CD flashed 33. After mass I went to work and later in the morning Frank K came to my desk just to visit for a few minutes. Frank asked more questions about his return to the church and his wife’s conversion to the Catholic Faith. When he left to go back to his desk I felt the peace and glanced at my watch and the time was 10:33. Later in the morning while I was working I felt the sudden urge to say a short prayer. I glanced at my watch and the time was 11:13:33.

Frank left early today so when I got to a good breaking point in my work I took my lunch break alone and rode over to All Saint’s to pray the rosary. Just as I was finishing the rosary I suddenly remembered that tomorrow will be the 6th anniversary of the first of the two times Our Lady came to Gianna while I was leading the rosary in St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg. As I completed the rosary and remembered this anniversary simultaneously I glanced at my watch and the time was 1:33.

Our Lady of Emmitsburg Message
Through Gianna Talone Sullivan
at St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Emmitsburg, MD
July 8, 1999

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Pray, little children. Pray with all of your hearts. Look to your
Savior's heart which shed blood for you. Please pray, pray, pray! Pray
that every good thought, prayer, and desire to be like Jesus will
reflect in your actions. Pray your interior being may be one with your
exterior self so that you may completely be whole in God's love.
Your soul was created for the glory of God. It desires to live in
unity with the Holy Trinity while in this world until it dwells for all
eternity in God's eternal bliss of love. You have the power and the
strength of the love of Jesus. Have faith in Him and trust in Him
unconditionally. People who are searching will follow your example of
love. Be like Jesus in meekness, humility, patience and mortification.
There is so much to gain in His light and there is so much He desires to
give to you. He will not mislead you. He will guide you in His
merciful love.
Sorrow exists in this world yet you can be the light, hope and love
of Jesus. Trust Him. Believe in His word. Do not disbelieve. Believe
and you will see miraculous works of His mercy. There is great joy in
Jesus. Without Him you possess nothing even though you may think you
have everything.
Peace be with you. I bless you in His Holy name and take your
petitions to Him. Thank you for responding to My call. AD DEUM.

When I got off work I drove home to pick up S.C.C. to go meet Bob and Jean at St. Mary’s. When I arrived in Emmitsburg I stopped for just a minute at St. Joseph’s and for some reason felt the urge to walk up to the door knowing it would be locked. To my astonishment the door was unlocked and I walked right in. I glanced at my watch and the time was 7:13.

I said a few prayers and left. I picked up S.C.C. and C.R.C. and we rode to St. Mary’s and met Bob and Jean. They showed us everything we needed to know and when we arrived home and the car came to a complete stop the CD counter flashed 13.

R_____ C___

July 30, 2005

3:13 Pm