Renewal of LMC Vows & Cancellation of Mission of Mercy Mass

Sunday August 14, 2005

Ever since the publication in the Emmitsburg Dispatch of the six messages Part II  Part III  that Our Lady gave back in the year 2000 at St. Joseph’s regarding Emmitsburg itself, there has been a whole new wave of attacks against the apparitions. This should not be unexpected considering the forward momentum and attention the apparitions have been getting.

The attacks have ranged from letters to the editor of the Dispatch to the Archdioceses of Baltimore attempting to put an end to the monthly Mission of Mercy mass which is held outside of its jurisdiction in the neighboring dioceses of Harrisburg.

It was decided that it would be best to cancel today’s Mission of Mercy mass until Bishop Kevin Rhodes returns to town and can be consulted to avoid any possible problems. Bishop Rhodes is a firm supporter of Mission of Mercy and in the past has served as one of Gianna Sullivan’s spiritual advisors.

Bishop Rhodes recently dedicated and blessed the new Mission of Mercy van in Harrisburg. It is hoped that he will give his blessings on the Mission of Mercy masses and they will resume in September.

Every effort was made to get the message out over the past week that there would be no Mission of Mercy mass today at St. Mary’s. It was decided that it would also be best to have someone at St. Mary’s to greet and inform anyone who might show up because the message did not reach them. Since I live so close to St. Mary’s I said I would do it and this is how the day went.

S.C.C., C.R.C. and myself left this morning to go to the 10:30 mass at St. Mary’s because the Lay Missionaries of Charity would renew their vows during that mass. When I started the car to leave the time on the dash was 10:13.

When we arrived Fr. M___ asked C.R.C. to serve because someone had not shown up. Mass began and after Fr. M___ ’s homily the LMC’s were called up to the altar. We renewed our vows and returned to our seats. At the instant of the Consecration I was suddenly struck with a strong feeling of peace. It was so strong I glanced at my watch and the time was 11:13:00. Mass ended and again I felt the peace as I exited my pew and the time was now 11:33.

All of the LMC’s then went to the Four Seasons restaurant and had lunch. It was a very nice time. I had to leave a little early because I wanted to be back at St. Mary’s by 1:30 to meet anyone who might show up for the Mission of Mercy mass. I dropped S.C.C. and C.R.C. off at the house and I went to St. Mary’s. When I arrived the odometer on the car was 13.3.

I originally thought I would wait just inside the church but the church was locked. I returned to my car and decided that I would pray the rosary for Mission of Mercy while I waited for people to arrive. I started the rosary and felt the peace. I glanced at the time on the dash and it said 1:33.

I prayed the Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries while I waited. During that time 3 people showed up who never received the cancellation notice. I finished the rosary and as I did I felt the peace again. The time was now 2:33. I drove home and typed up an email to David Liddle who is the executive director of Mission of Mercy and gave him the results. As I sent the email I noticed the time on my computer was 3:13.

R_____ C___

August 21, 2005

2:33 Pm