Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

September 4, 2005


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, God is Good! He created everything good. In the end,

His works and all of what He created will be good. For everything

that God does is good. This gives us tremendous hope. However, in

the midst of all that God created good, humanity was given a choice,

which through sin has resulted in the necessity of many purgations so

that souls could be restored to health.

I have so oftentimes, little children, invited all of humanity to

join together in Love and in compassion, and not to speak words of

hatred, nor cause slander, calumny or malice. I have invited all of

humanity to be "little" in ways so that they could be totally

dependent on God, and so what was once created good could again be

good, as it will be in the end. But now humanity is in the midst of

tribulation; and there is an urgency, a call for change, not a call for fear.

It is necessary to begin now! There is still time. Do not wait till

it is too late, for you need the peace and the conviction to

change. You have seen that when certain events (i.e. Hurricane

Katrina) occur, there can be seen the confusion, the anger, and the

loss of many lives. In a moment, what was there can be gone. You

have also seen the goodness of people who rally to the occasion as

ambassadors of Light.

Remember, little ones, and in your souls

you know who you are,

that you too are called to be "ambassadors". If you meet with

frustration, anxiety and confusion in the midst of tribulation, then

focus once again on God the Father Who gave to all humanity His Son

Who died for you. There is tremendous hope for a new tomorrow. In

the end, it will all be good!

Thank you for your response, especially now, for you do not know when

God will allow another catastrophic event to occur. You must be

prepared and totally dependent on God to be a vessel of Love and Peace.

I bless you in the Name of the Most Glorious Holy Trinity: Father,

Son & Holy Spirit. Peace.

(Our Lady appeared with the Child Jesus at her side, dressed in a

white robe and holding His Crown in His hands, with tears in His eyes.)

Reflection on the September 4, 2005 Message

God is urgently calling us to come back to Him! Humanity, like the

prodigal son, has left home, deserting the Father and wandering

astray in the darkness. In a miserable condition and in dire need,

the children of God persist in self-deception and, therefore,

self-destruction. All the while, our Loving Father seeks to save us.

God, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, wishes to

restore us to our pristine beauty and holiness. The beginning of

Creation was good; the end of Creation will also be good. Within

this span of time, sin and evil came into the world through the

misuse of human freedom. Sin and evil must be destroyed and God will

renew His creation.

Catastrophic events are purification, our wake-up calls from God. We

must respond. We must change our sinful ways, focus on Jesus our

Savior, adore and worship our Creator and keep our minds, hearts and

souls fixed on Heaven, our true home. Nobody can exist or survive

without God. Nobody can rely on human power and resources. Nobody

can be saved nor find security in mere material things. The prodigal

son needs his father. Everybody needs our Father.

God, in His infinite love and mercy, will not stop calling us to

Himself. With unconditional love, He nudges, cajoles, pushes, pulls,

and awaits our response. If need be, He allows heavy-handed means,

He will spare no effort to save us.

Fr. John B. Wang