Birth of The Virgin Mary

September 8, 2005

Today is the feast of The Birth of The Virgin Mary. In Medjugorje Our Lady revealed that the actual date of Her birth was August 5th. For this reason both days are special to me. It also seems that on special feast days such as this the things that happen to me are stronger than other days.

This morning it was my turn to drive C.R.C. and Peter to the school bus. St. Joseph’s in on the way to the bus stop so I stopped there to say a quick prayer and wish Our Lady a happy birthday. When we arrived at St. Joseph’s the odometer was 33. While I was praying I suddenly remembered that today is also Fr. ___’s birthday so I prayed for him also. We left and when we arrived at the school bus stop the odometer was 3.3.

After dropping C.R.C. and Peter off I drove to Manassas and stopped at All Saints for daily mass. Just as I pulled in the parking lot I met another car with the license plate of 33. I attended mass and Fr. Mendez was the priest. He gave a very nice homily on Our Lady’s birth. Mass ended and I glanced at my watch as I walked out the door and it said XX:XX:33.

I drove across the street to work and was very busy the entire morning. At some point that morning I had to leave my desk and do some work elsewhere. When I returned to my desk I noticed the message light was lit on my phone. I listened to the message and it was Roberta Marziani. Roberta said she just sent me Our Lady’s Emmitsburg message from this past Sunday to my email at work. I read the message and at the very instant I finished reading it I felt the peace hit me. I looked at my watch and the time was 10:13.

I was extremely busy at work the rest of the day. I was so busy that I was not able to take my lunch break to go pray the rosary until very late in the afternoon. When I finally got a break I left to go pray the rosary. When I arrived at All Saint’s I was further delayed because I had to park at the far end of the parking lot and walk nearly the length of the church. I then glanced at my watch as I walked in the chapel and the time was 3:13:00.

I prayed the rosary and during this time I continually felt a strong feeling of peace. When I finished I drove back to work and when I arrived I could not help but notice the car parked next to me had the license plate of 333.

Later that afternoon Frank K called me and told me that he received a tribunal date for his wife’s annulment on September 26. Frank was very happy. We hung up and I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13. When I finished all my work I left for the day to go back to Emmitsburg. I started my car to leave and the time on the dash was 5:33.

While driving home the radio announcer said that President Bush had declared September 16th as a National Day of Prayer. This news caused a feeling of peace and I looked down and the odometer was 1.3. I continued driving and when I arrived in Emmitsburg I stopped at St. Joseph’s like I always do. At the very instant the car came to a complete stop the CD counter flashed 133.

I said a few prayers and left to go home. When I arrived in my driveway and the car came to a complete stop the odometer was 33.3. A little later in the evening I checked my email and received my copy of Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s latest message from this past Sunday. I looked at my watch and the time was 8:33:33.

R_____ C___

Sep. 28, 2005

10:33 Pm