Final 2nd Sunday Mission of Mercy Mass

September 11, 2005

Preparations for the final 2nd Sunday Mission of Mercy mass began back on September 2nd. It was on that day a meeting was held at the Mission of Mercy office in Fairfield to discuss future plans for the prayer service now that we have been told we can no longer have a mass. S.C.C. and I were invited to attend that meeting because we are the 2nd Sunday Prayer Service coordinators. I described that meeting in the September 2nd paper so there is no need to include it here.

The 2nd Sunday Prayer Service at St. Mary’s will continue each month but without the mass. The format will basically be the same as before and will include Eucharistic Adoration.

Since the prayer service did not begin until 2 p.m. I had time today to catch up on some things I needed to do this morning. Among other things I wrote the September 2-4 paper and completed it at 10:33:13.

Later in the day S.C.C. and I got ready to go to St. Mary’s to set up for the final Mission of Mercy mass. It was somewhat of a sad feeling that this was the last Mission of Mercy mass. When I started the car to leave the track number on the CD flashed 13.

S.C.C. and I arrived at St. Mary’s and got everything set up for mass and greeted people as they came in. I had been asked to lead the rosary since Michael and Gianna Sullivan were in Rome. I had also been asked to read the statement about this being the last Mission of Mercy mass after mass ended.

The prayer service began at 2 p.m. with the choir singing a few songs. They began with Hail Mary Gentle Woman. When they completed the songs I began the rosary from the pulpit and the time was 2:13.

Upon completion of the rosary mass began. Fr. Michael M______ was the priest and he was assisted by Deacon Joe Benin from St. Catherine of Siena in Great Falls, Virginia. At the time of the Consecration I felt a strong feeling of peace. I knew to glance at my watch and the time was 3:33.

A few minutes later just as I was walking back to my pew after receiving Holy Communion I again felt the strong feeling of peace. It was at that instant the choir announced that the communion hymn would be # 33.

Mass ended and I read the prepared statement about today being the last scheduled Mission of Mercy mass. I also announced that the 2nd Sunday prayer service would continue each month starting at 3 p.m. and that people needed to attend mass before coming. Many people said they would still continue to come.

After reading the announcement I looked up as I was walking out of the church and the clock over my head said it was 4:13. We had dinner in the parish hall and then I drove home. At the instant the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 13.

R_____ C___

Sep. 30, 2005

11:33 Pm