Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

to the World

through Gianna Sullivan

November 6, 2005


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, when my Son was persecuted and defamed, all those who

surrounded Him scattered. He was alone with no one to defend Him, no one

to speak the Truth. They all scattered. So too it is today, even 2000

years later, that people like those in the past have decided still to try

to ruin my Son's Name.

For a short time in the past, they were victorious; but then what

happened? My Son's apostles came together as ambassadors of Light and as

one voice, a people of Christ; and they spoke the Truth. Conversions

happened. They suffered for my Son. They joined together, unified as one

body, as the voice of the Church.

Today if you are defamed, do those around you gather to speak the truth or

do they scatter? If you yourself are a victim, do you fall apart or do

you join interiorly and bond with the Love of my Son?

I have told you once before that a time of confusion would be soon enough

upon you; and if you did not pray, you would not be able to discern. But

as the Body of Christ, as you join together, you are the voice and you

speak the Truth. It is because of your faithfulness and devotion to my

Son's Most Sacred Heart and to my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart that

Truth is being revealed; and all of you are gathering together as one, in

Love and in Peace, but speaking the Truth. This is how my most Immaculate

Heart triumphs. It is when people and children are not afraid, even unto

death, to live and speak the Truth and to pray.

As a joyful Mother, I bless you in my Son's Most Glorious Name. I take

all of your petitions, and I will present them to Him. I thank you. I

thank you. I thank you for not leaving, but for returning to God. Peace.


Reflection on Message

It seems our Blessed Mother is drawing a parallelism between Jesus' time

and our own. Jesus was opposed,

persecuted, abandoned and crucified. Through the faithful few, He

defeated evil and triumphed over His enemies.

Today, Jesus' mission is experiencing the same fate. Attacks, slander,

confusion, and misunderstanding

come from many sides. There are but a few stout disciples who are ready

to suffer and defend

the spiritual cause. The Truth must be upheld at any cost. In our

faithfulness, dedication, love and courage

the Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary triumphs. Our dear Mother

thanks us for persevering.

(Fr. John B. Wang)