I Am Not The Only Person Experiencing the 13, 33 & 333’s

December 12, 2005

Several years ago I wrote a paper describing a conversation I had with Sr. Genevieve Walsh. During that conversation she revealed to me that she was aware of another person who had reported the same thing happening to them that I have happening to me. She told me the name but I did not know this person. To this day I have never met the person Sr. Genevieve was talking about. This is what I wrote in the January 16, 2004 paper:

I trust Sr. Genevieve as much as anyone I have ever known in my life so it felt good to talk about what I am experiencing with her. About a year ago or so I allowed her to read my papers. Because of this she has a background knowledge of what I am going through.

After we finished talking about it she asked me if it scares me when it happens so frequently. I told her that it does not scare me. I told her I would only be scared if it stopped. Sr. Genevieve then told me something that shocked me. Sister Genevieve then told me that there is at least one more person from Thursday nights that experiences the very same thing that is happening to me. She told me his name but I do not know him personally and I don’t think I want to.

When I left Sr. Genevieve I drove back to Emmitsburg and stopped at St. Joseph’s and when I pulled up the time on the dash was 10:13. I prayed the rosary and when I finished I walked over to the corner of the church and kissed it. The time was 10:33. I drove home and pulled in my driveway at 12:33.

I think I should include this information in this paper despite the fact that the person who I know is experiencing this same thing is not the person referenced above. I will tell this the best I can.

Just about the same time we moved to the Emmitsburg area another person named Bob F moved here from somewhere in Pennsylvania. Bob moved here after much prayer and after receiving a sign that it was what Our Lady wished. The confirmation he received was just as unmistakable to him as mine was to me.

I got to know Bob better as time went on. He is a member of our Friday night LMC prayer group that meets at Phil C’s house. Bob is about 70 years old and is an extremely prayerful person. There were numerous times that I had a sudden feeling that there was something special about him but I did not know what. All I knew was that each time this crossed my mind I would be suddenly hit with an out of nowhere 13, 33, or 333.

This happened enough times that one day this past summer at the apparition of Our Lady of Emmitsburg at Karen and Mick Major’s farm I mentioned to him that I had something I would like to share with him regarding the apparitions. He then told me that he had something he would like to share with me too.

I told Bob I would give him a copy of the papers I have written sometime in the near future. We left it at that and decided that we would talk later. As we walked away from each other I suddenly felt the peace and glanced at my watch and the time was 3:13.

Weeks went by but I finally got the copies ready and gave them to Bob sometime back in late July or early August. Several more weeks went by and Bob said he would like to meet me somewhere where we could sit down and discuss this. We decided to meet at the Ott House on my 50th birthday, September 21, 2005.

We met and talked for nearly three hours and for the first time realized that both he and I were experiencing the very same thing. It was a tremendous relief for me knowing for sure that I was not the only person this is happening to up here.

Time went on and Bob and I had very little discussion about this until several weeks ago when Bob sent me an email saying he would like to meet again to discuss this and this is how it went.

Monday December 12, 2005

I had some extra vacation time that I needed to use or loose so I took today off from work. I had every intention of going to mass this morning at St. Joseph’s until S.C.C. reminded me that there is no Monday morning mass at St. Joseph’s because of the Miraculous Medal Novena and mass in the evening. As S.C.C. reminded me about this I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13.

I was having a cup of coffee when I suddenly thought that I should call Bob to see if he would like to meet today. I picked up the phone and just at that instant I felt the peace hit me, I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

Bob did not answer the phone so I left a message on his answering machine. About 10 or 15 minutes later Bob called back and we decided to meet again at the Ott House at 2 pm. A few minutes after we hung up I thought about the need to go to confession and glanced at my watch as that thought hit me. The time was 9:13.

I had a few errands to run so I went into Emmitsburg to mail a bill and do a few other things. While I was driving I decided to stop at St. Joseph’s first to pray the rosary. I arrived at St. Joseph’s and the time on the dash was 9:33 and the instant the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 33.

I walked up to the church and was surprised to find it open, but it was so I went in and glanced at my watch as I genuflected to enter my pew and it said XX:XX:33. I prayed the Joyful and Glorious rosary and when I finished I glanced at my watch as I was leaving and the time was 10:13.

I then mailed my bills and drove to the Basilica to give Sr. Mary Bernadette an audio tape of Wayne Weible that she asked me to make for her. Just as I arrived at the Basilica and the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 33. I dropped the tape off at the front desk and left. As I pulled out the feeling of peace hit me and I noticed at that instant the CD flash 13.

I then needed to drive to Frederick to pick up a tape that C.R.C. needed for school. While I was driving I had a sudden crashing thought that the time had come for me to send Fr. O’Malley an updated copy of my papers that pick up where his old copy left off. This was so very strong I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13 and the odometer was 3.3. I then looked up and the CD was 13.

At that point I knew I should give the papers to Fr. O’Malley despite his very public attacks against the apparitions of Our Lady of Emmitsburg lately. I got the movie C.R.C. needed for school and drove back to Emmitsburg. I decided that I would like to stop at the Grotto of Lourdes before I met Bob so I drove there. When I arrived the temperature on the dash was 33.

Just as I was getting ready to walk into the Grotto I heard my named called and I looked back to see who it was. It was Phil and Aileen C. They said they wanted to have lunch at a new restaurant and they invited me to join them. I told them I had to meet Bob at 2 o’clock and they thought it would be plenty of time so I followed behind them.

The restaurant was the Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit and it took us longer to get there than planned. We ordered our sandwich and Aileen suggested that I get mine to go so I could meet Bob on time. ( They did not know why I was meeting Bob). I got up to leave and as I was walking back to my car I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13. I drove to St. Joseph’s and parked and arrived there at 2:13 and just as the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 33.

I walked across the street to the Ott House and Bob was already there. We sat down and had coffee and talked for a long time. After talking to Bob again there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he is experiencing the same thing as I am. After talking for several hours he excused himself to go to the restroom and just as he left the table I felt the peace hit me. I glanced at my watch for the first time since I arrived and the time was 4:33.

We continued talking for more than an hour and it was very comforting to both of us that we are not alone in this unusual thing that is happening. When we finished talking we got up to leave and as we walked out of the Ott house we had to wait for a car to pass before we could cross the street. The license plate on the car was 33.

Bob got in his car and left and I walked to St. Joseph’s where my car was parked and just as I arrived a car met me directly in front of St. Joseph’s with the license plate of 13.

I went home and later in the evening I drove back to St. Joseph’s to go to the Miraculous Medal Novena and attend mass. I arrived at St. Joseph’s and the time was 7:13. There were about 7 or 8 people in the confession line in front of me. I went to confession and when I came out and joined the Miraculous Medal Novena that was already in progress I felt the peace and glanced at my watch and the time was 7:33. Fr. Kennedy was the priest. When everything was over I got in my car to leave and when I started it the time on the dash was 8:13.

R_____ C___

Dec. 26, 2005

4:33 Pm