Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

February 5, 2006


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, parents are role models for their

children, teaching them to grow in love and

dignity, in respect for others, and in the fear

of God. So too, I your Mother am a role model

for each of you, for you are all my children,

bringing you closer to my Son and also teaching

you to grow in love and dignity, in respect for

others, and in a holy fear of God.

The Church, founded on the Rock of Peter, is

desperately in need of holy priests, priests who

desire to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of

Jesus through me their Mother. However, there

are many priests who have even asked me to

leave. Priests can get close to my Son; but

through my intercession there is a special place

in His Heart for them where they can grow to

better know Him and to live with Him and in Him,

with all the bliss there attached.

When you have something special, little

children, you desire to share it. You desire

all peoples to know it because you are

excited. Good news! Here in my presence are

you, my children, and you are invited to share

this Love and grace with all peoples.

I assure you, my children, that you are not

disobedient, not to the Church at all. For I

assure you, children, that there never was any

written communique from the Holy See. There has

never been yet, up to this point. What is

necessary is for the Church to look to the

people, for the people are the Church, the lowly, the humble and those in need.

You are the voice; and as you draw and bring

more of my children to the Center of my

Immaculate Heart, so too the Church must take

recognition of this. You will always know,

children, both when Love is involved and when

motives other than Love are involved. If you

experience those who are angry, those who try to

deceive you, and those who lie, exaggerate or

change their stories, then that is not the way

of Love. My presence here is not for fame or

attention. I assure you that my child (Gianna)

has been silent and obedient, because silence is her shield and Love her sword.

So be at Peace. Know that I am not leaving and

that I intercede for all good things for you

before the Throne of God, to God the Father Who

will intervene because of His Love for you which

cannot be measured. This grace from Heaven

comes with suffering and at a price for my

messengers, not only here but those around the

world, who strive to fulfill and to live in God's Divine Will.

Peace to you. Do not be afraid! Be filled with

Joy, and announce this good news to all the

peoples of the world. Thank you for your response to my call.

Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

Today, the Mother of God has made some

statements which are clear, unequivocal,

unambiguous and important. These statements

should dissipate and dispel doubts and

uncertainties in the minds of people regarding the events at Emmitsburg.

Here is a summary:

*There has never been any written communique from the Holy See about the

apparitions at Emmitsburg, therefore, any claim

to the contrary is false and deceptive.

*There has never been any real issue of disobedience on the part of

the visionary or the believers of the Emmitsburg events. Our Blessed Mother

testifies to this and we know her testimony is true.

*The Mother of God is the Mother of ALL humanity. She loves and guides us

ALL including the hierarchy and clergy. She admonishes, corrects and leads

as a tender Mother does with ALL her children.

*Emmitsburg IS “The Center of Her Immaculate Heart!”

This our dear Mother has frequently announced.

She will never leave this site!

Those who want her to leave, in my opinion, are

unfilial, unwise and foolhardy, to say the least.

As God the Father intervenes, the fear,

confusion and lethargy seen today will vanish.

There will be regret, vindication and special graces of Love and Mercy.