Friends of Our Lady of Emmitsburg,


In recent months, at least one or two of Our Lady’s private messages to Gianna have been shared with those attending the public prayer group held on the first Sunday of each month outside of Emmitsburg.   These were in addition to any public messages posted on   However, these three recent messages were felt to be so important and instructive as to warrant a much broader distribution.


Private Message from Our Lady

through Gianna Sullivan

February 12, 2006


Little children, I love you!  I love you because you are good……..I thank you all for being so devoted to my Immaculate Heart, for being so devoted and doing your best every day.


We know that there has been no lie (untruth in Our Lady’s words to Gianna), because there is still tremendous turmoil, a battle between good and evil.  There are few who continue to be the warriors.  There are so many who are confused.  Yet, there are many who are searching to know the Truth, and this is also very good; for there is not a "one-way" search ending with a "one-way" conclusion……… 


……….Yes, there is always a human component (in Our Lady's apparitions and messages throughout the world), a human person through whom my words come.  This person is often weak and not knowledgeable about the ways in which God works.  For this role, a person who is not knowledgeable has a great recompense and future with God. 


We invite all to come to the Throne of God, for all can be made new……….This night I would like to take your petitions and intentions and place them in the Heart of God the Father where the inception of time began.  There, united with Him and humbly bowing to His Truth, you are not only protected but are  invited to a new level of security and Peace. 


So I take your intentions, and I give them to God the Father……..I love all of you.  You are mine; and just as in the "fiat" that I gave to God, so too you give yours to Him. For this I am grateful.  Your pledge is unending, and it is imprinted into the very fiber and Being of God Himself.  Thank you for your response.   


Private Message from Our Lady

through Gianna Sullivan

February 14, 2006


Little children, praised be Jesus!  Little ones, I love you and I am so much with you.  I am sorry that I am not able to reveal to you so much that is necessary to help you discern in many areas; however, this is the Will of God.  Your faith and your commitment, your stance and your walk, your speech and your way of life become the sign of God the Father, as if a neon light, a landmark giving directions to all the faithful.


There are so many who are fearful, and very few who are willing to be a pillar of Light and a leader to help guide others gently, and sometimes forcefully, towards God.  There are many people all over the world who see and hear words that are Divine, and they do not have the wisdom and the discernment through the power of the Holy Spirit to move forward.  What you have been given here is a holy seal of grace, because in your own persecution and tribulation you have responded and have remained dedicated to fulfilling the Will of God.  This has made you strong…….. 


…………God will have the last say in everything.  All are invited to continue to pray and to remain faithful.  My words to you from Heaven are a gift and a true blessing in grace.  Those who desire and receive them and who devour the words of God are the ones truly safe. 


I have a Plan; and in a loving way as a Mother, I must reveal it while yet protecting this Church.  You may seem to be the target; but ultimately, I am the one, I am the one who is being sought out to devour and destroy…… What is being revealed is the Truth.  Those who desire to deceive God become entrapped within their own ways, and in the end all are exposed.


From dust you were created and unto dust you shall return.  You were clothed as you came into this world with the grace of God, and nothing of the "world" was there.  As you return, nothing goes with you, only the grace.  If you received it and used it and claimed it, it is yours.  Otherwise, it returns back to the Creator.  So be it here. 



Private Message from Our Lady

through Gianna Sullivan

February 18, 2006

The Feast of St. Bernadette Soubirous


Little children, praised be Jesus!


Little ones, things will be well.  Do not be concerned.  This must all unfold so that the proper attention can be given to my appearances here. 


Yes, God did cause this, because He will intervene!


I know the pain that you feel in your hearts, especially when it is you instead of some other person.  But there are many people who love you, and those who are with me will not leave me. 


This is all so necessary; otherwise, those who are attempting to push away my presence and make null and void my words would only continue.  It is time for the Truth; and the Truth is that there has never been a communique to you (from the Holy See to Gianna). 


It will all be well with the Church……….As for those priests and others who are trying to totally destroy a small child's reputation, identity and good name, along with destroying my Plan to give God the Father great glory, they will have to deal with God Himself.  It is not for you to judge. 


The sword that pierces your heart, remember that it pierced mine first; so your pain is softened because I first have taken the brunt of it.  As I  carried my Son in His Passion, I also felt His pain to give Him the strength to persevere.  They rejected my Son and persecuted Him more than the world will ever know and realize and come to understand.   Rejection is very difficult because all people want to be loved; and that is why the world is in so much turmoil today, because of the lack of love.


Those who are wise will see my words as Truth.  Those who desire to know me and my Son more will be given great graces; and those who do not, the day will come when they will wish they had. 


You will see the good fruits unveiled.  You are protected.  Continue on as you are………  Peace to you.  I am here with you, and I am not leaving!