S.C.C. And I Were Present At Gianna Sullivan’s House During Our Lady’s Apparition

Palm Sunday April 9, 2006

I mentioned in the March 19th paper that S.C.C. and I were asked to join Gianna and Mike Sullivan’s Jesus of Mercy Lay Community group. This came as a complete surprise to us. This is what I said in that paper:

I drove home and very shortly after I arrived the phone rang and it was Karen M. Karen said she was calling for Gianna. She said Gianna would like for S.C.C. and I to leave the Jesus of Mercy group we are currently in and join hers. We said yes. We hung up and the time was 8:33.

This past Palm Sunday was the first time S.C.C. and I attended Gianna and Mike’s group and it was at their house which is only about 1 ˝ miles from our house. The whole day was special and this is how it went:

The first indication that something was in store for today came shortly after I got up this morning. I checked my email and there was a note from Rose M. The note said that this past First Friday all night adoration would be the last until this coming fall. The reason for this is because the last phase of St. Joseph’s renovations will be taking place. When I read this note I thought about this past First Friday and the 3 hours I spent before the Blessed Sacrament. It was at that instant I noticed the time was 9:33.

S.C.C., C.R.C. and myself then got ready to attend the 10:30 mass at St. Mary’s. We arrived and were standing outside for the blessing of the palms. Fr. Robert McDade was the priest and just at the instant he started the blessing I looked up and saw Mike and Gianna Sullivan standing close by. I glanced at my watch and the time was 10:33.

We then processed into the church and mass began. The gospel was read which was the entire Passion. When the gospel ended Fr. McDade said “Well there is not much I can add to what we have just read. I will just make a few comments.” At the instant he finished his comments I felt the peace. I knew to glance at my watch and the time was 11:13.

Mass continued and at the instant Fr. McDade consumed the host I again felt the peace and the time was now 11:33. Mass ended and I again felt the peace as I walked out of the door. I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

We went home and ate breakfast. A little later Phil C called and we talked for a little while. During our conversation Phil mentioned that S.C.C. and I should try to become a little more familiar with how the Liturgy of The Hours book works before our turn comes to lead the Jesus of Mercy Lay Community with Gianna and Mike at our house. When Phil said this I knew he was right and I glanced down at my watch and the time was 12:13.

S.C.C. and I were supposed to attend the prayer group at Mike and Gianna’s house at 5 pm. Later in the afternoon we did sit down in the living room and go over the Liturgy of The Hours book and we did get it figured out. At the instant we finished I felt the peace run through me. I glanced down at my watch and the time was 3:13.

S.C.C. and I got ready to go to Mike and Gianna’s house for the prayer group. We arrived at 5 pm and Mike met us at the door. Gianna was in the kitchen cooking dinner. A few minutes later the other couple Richard and Rosalie S arrived. As I sat down on the living room sofa I felt the peace and glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13.

Gianna came out and said hello to everyone. She also told us that Our Lady does not usually come during the rosary at the Jesus of Mercy Lay Community group. She also said that Our Lady seldom comes at all during Holy Week.

The prayer group began with the prayers from the Liturgy of the Hours. When that was finished we all took our chairs into a small private chapel to pray the rosary. Mike and Gianna’s daughter, Ann Marie joined us for the rosary.

Mike started the rosary and Richard took the 2nd decade. When Richard finished I deliberately took the 3rd decade. The reason I did that was because when Our Lady comes it is usually in the 4th decade. I did not want anybody to think I was trying to have the 4th in the event Our Lady did come. To my astonishment Our Lady did come after at 8th Hail Mary of the 3rd decade.

The room fell silent as Gianna bolted to her knees. I was especially struck by the reverence of their daughter Ann Marie as she knelt next to her mother who was seeing Our Lady, The Blessed Virgin Mary. It was a very moving moment that I will never forget. The apparition lasted about 5 minutes and Gianna repeated the message as Our Lady gave it to her. Mike recorded it. When the apparition ended I picked up with the rosary where I had left off when Our Lady came. Rosalie then took the 4th decade and S.C.C. had the 5th. There were 7 of us in the room for the apparition. Our Lady’s message was directed at the dangers children face.

When we finished the rosary we went in the kitchen and had dinner. During dinner S.C.C. and I learned that the reason we were asked to join was because of the death of Steve K. I am not sure if this switch is permanent or not. After dinner we needed our bibles for the reading Gianna had picked out. It was James Ch 3 1-9.

I had to get up from the table and go get my bible which was sitting in the living room. I got the bible and as I was walking back towards the kitchen I noticed the chapel. I thought about the reality of what had just happened in there just a little earlier. The peace ran through me and I glanced at my watch and the time was 7:13.

I took my seat in the kitchen and we did the reading from the bible. When we finished we offered to help clean up but Gianna said she would do all of that. We picked a date for the next prayer group and that will be at our house on Sunday May 13. We drove home and when we pulled in our driveway the time on the dash was 8:13.

R_____ C___

April 22, 2006

9:33 Pm