Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

June 4, 2006

Pentecost Sunday


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Receive the Holy Spirit!  Simplicity is a characteristic of pure children of God.  Within your souls, your hearts and your minds dwells the Holy Spirit.  You can do nothing without His promptings.  All of your kindness, your loving acts, your goodness, and your communication, all of these are centered around Charity; and the Holy Spirit communicates to each and every one of you, little children.

Do not be afraid!  You are loved beyond measure.  God is with you.  You are protected under my mantle.  You are precious in His Eyes.  Do not be afraid to speak the Truth and to live the Truth.  Be a leader!

Let the Light of Christ shine through you, and you will radiate Jesus.  People will want what you have and you can give it to them, the Love, the Peace, the Joy, and the tears; yes, all can be given to others.  Every gift and virtue you have has been given to you through the Holy Spirit.

Use your gifts wisely!  Pray for Holy Wisdom and wisdom of speech.  Make use of every virtue.  Be holy.  Be saints!  There is nothing stopping each and every one of you from being a saint.  You practice your love and your prayers.  You follow through by receiving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.  You adore Him as I do.

Nothing should prevent you from becoming saints.  Only one more thing is needed, that being personal mortification.  When you die to yourself, you are born in Him.  Bless those who persecute you, for they are giving you the opportunity of sanctity.

I love you and I am so very happy to be here with you, taking all of your petitions to my most adorable Son.

Peace to you!  You can have Peace.  Peace (fading whisper).


Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

Our Heavenly Mother greeted the praying crowd at this gathering with,  "Receive the Holy Spirit!" She, undoubtedly, had obtained the Heavenly gifts from her Divine Spouse and was imparting them, like a doting mother, to ALL her children. What a beautiful scene! She particularly mentioned Love, Joy, Peace and Wisdom which are virtues only Heaven can give. She challenges us to use these gifts wisely, to share them and to be the Holy Light of Jesus.

God loves us beyond measure; our Mother protects us under her mantle; so BE NOT AFRAID! Speak the Truth! Live the Truth! Bless your persecutors since they give opportunities to be sanctified. We are all called to be saints, our Mother reminds us, and she is gradually leading us to sainthood.  Praised be Jesus for sending His Mother to Emmitsburg!