The Words of God the Father

through Gianna Sullivan

September 8, 2006

The Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

My Children of Humanity,

The Kingdom created for you to dwell in is one which is both glorious and wonderful! However, my first children (Adam and Eve) chose not to follow the way of the Truth. So they were exiled, as was the angel before them who fell from Heaven.

There are so many of you who pray and who are committed; and everyday as you do your prayers, you lift your eyes up to Heaven in ejaculations of praise and thanksgiving. Yet, there are so many more who do not.

My Son warned you that a time was coming when you would see wars and famines and earthquakes and fires and weather changes, but that these would not mark the end of the world. This time would be only the beginning, the labor pains of a new birth. He wanted you not to see this as an end to the world.

How wonderful it is that so many of you pray! However, if at this very moment you see yourself as one of the elect, perhaps you should look within yourself and see your own self-righteousness. See that it is better to have the fear of God than to be so secure in your dwelling place. For if you are so sure that you are safe, perhaps you should look closer at your own sin, and then you may gain the fear of God.

There is no foretelling humanity who will be welcomed into My Kingdom. It depends on your life and how you now live it. If you live your life as if it is just passing by, day to day, and you think that you are blanketed from all harm, then perhaps you had best look to see how in a moment's notice your life could be stripped from you.

On that awesome day when you bear nothing, who will be around you? It is best to find within your heart the true treasure, that being God your Father. If you go about preparing as if you are one who should survive, preparing with those among you to eat and be merry, then perhaps you too should be more aware. For if all your preparations are stripped from you, then what do you have left, but nothing? For it is only within your heart that you will find what shall sustain you---that being the true and glorious wonder of God!

How secure you can be at one moment; and then have your "freedom"---which you call it---be stripped from you, or at least threatened. But true freedom is found only in those who are enveloped in the Holy Trinity. Yes, true freedom is for you to be had!

You may not understand My Words now, even though I do not speak in parables as did my Son. But I assure you, children of humanity, that awesome day will come when you will understand them fully, not only the depth and the breadth of My Words, but also of your life.

Come! Do not delay!