St. Joseph’s Renovations Are Complete And The Church Has Re-opened

September 12, 2006

I returned home from the “I Thirst Movement” retreat in Tijuana very late last night. S.C.C. was waiting up for me and we sat in the living room and talked about the trip. I then went to bed. I slept very late which is very unusual for me. When I awoke I looked over at the clock next to the bed and the time was 10:13.

S.C.C. and I both went to the noon mass today at the Grotto Of Lourdes. Mass ended and S.C.C. went to the grocery store and I decided that I would drive to St. Joseph’s to pray my daily rosary and visit for the first time since it reopened on Labor Day weekend. I arrived at St. Joseph’s and the odometer was 33.

I walked inside and the church looked very nice. It has new carpet, the artwork has been cleaned and it just had a very nice, clean look to it. I looked for the image of Jesus in the pew but was disappointed to discover that the refinishing of the pews covered it up. I wrote about this in the March 5, 2005 paper. I then prayed the Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary and looked at my watch at the instant I finished and kissed the crucifix and the time was 1:13:33.

Later in the evening while I was sitting at home I had a sudden thought about the image of Jesus being covered up. This caused me to have a somewhat sad feeing because it was so beautiful. At the instant this suddenly popped into my mind I glanced at my watch and the time was 6:13:00

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Oct. 1, 2006

10:13 Am