Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

October 1, 2006

The Feast of St. Therese of the Child Jesus

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, please remember that above everything, God is Love; and He invites all people to love. The most perfect prayer is to love. This is what true perfection is---to be with Jesus in Heaven. It is only attainable through the tremendous gift of Love.

All are invited---all nations and all creeds! For true Peace and unity to exist, Love must be at the center, at the beginning and at the end. No matter what your differences, your imperfections or your afflictions, Love conquers all! In the beauty of "littleness" is the tremendous gift of this Love. It is like children, totally dependent but sorrowful when they do not receive love, and totally dependent but most comforted when they do receive love.

I assure you, children, that the devil exists; and he desires to hurt you! In his rage he desires to attack and destroy anything and anyone that gives God glory in His creation.

Be aware, and join together in unity. Protect yourselves and blanket yourselves through prayer, often seeking the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Be pure, avoiding all things that lead to sin. Purify yourselves, and all shall be made new.

But remember, little ones, as your Mother I am here joyfully, lovingly and most humbly protecting you and enwrapping you in my mantle for the purpose of making you beautiful and directing you to my Son.

All are welcome! All can be as prophets if they but open their hearts to Love---to give Love, to receive Love, and to know Love, Who is God Himself.

Peace to you. I bless you all in His most adorable Name, and I thank you for your response as I gather your petitions and present them at the Throne of God. Peace.

Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

Another beautiful message from our Heavenly Mother. The Virgin Mary reminds us that God is LOVE, and God can only be approached through love. The more we love, the closer we get to God. Our Mother also mentions that love conquers all; love removes all differences among peoples. Love promotes unity, peace and harmony among nations. Doubtless, love is the strongest weapon for victory.

The secret to give, receive and practice love is the child-like way. Little children need love and know how to receive and give love. They are guileless, innocent and pure. They are models for us adults.

Once more, our Mother asks us to be aware of the wickedness of the devil. Even as she is protecting us, she wants us to pray constantly and use the Sacrament of Reconciliation frequently