Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Because I am the Queen and the Mother of your Savior, I am without sin. I am the Immaculate Conception! Because I have been created without sin, my Heart goes out to you; for I can fulfill God's Will at every moment. My every desire in life gave glory to God.

However, now in this world, humanity has a choice due to free will. So I know how difficult it is oftentimes for you to fulfill God's Will, not that you do not have the desire to fulfill His Will, but the difficulty due to original sin.

Even as recent as yesterday, I spoke to my daughter (Gianna) about being "all-loving" to family members: to show love, to lift them up with joy and kindness, to smile and to share the gift of gentleness.

All was well. Then, as soon as Heaven closed and earth resumed in her human responses, chaos unfolded.

Is that not the same in all families? Your desire is there, but either circumstances or children or other diversions and distractions cause a response different from what your heart initially desired.

I realize, as your Mother, free from the stain of sin, that humanity needs to know how loved you are by God, even in your little ways. I desire that all know how much God loves you in your ordinary ways. If you try and you fail, you have not failed.

This is why God has chosen my daughter (Gianna), for those who are ordinary; not for the poorest of the poor, nor for those of great wealth whose notoriety and name and giving will remain for all to know for all ages; but for the ordinary, those like you who try. So she too must live with her family as you must live with your families.

I only want you to know that God loves you when you try, when you ask for forgiveness, and when you love. This message is for all of my children, because this is what is needed. All of you ordinary people need to know that as you thirst for love, the Thirst that my Son has for you is replenished through every small act of love you do.

Never forget that the soul is created in beauty and in Love!

I love you. I bless you, and I thank you. I thank you because you are human and because you are ordinary; and because you try, you fulfill God's Will.

Do not be so hard on yourselves, but know that God loves you so much, that any little work you do for others is a triumph for God. For God will not say to you when you see Him face to face, "What have you done or accomplished?" or "How much money have you given?" But He will look into your heart to see if that one, only one act of love, was a true act of genuine sincerity.

Peace, as I bless you now in the Name of God!


Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

At this joyful season, when family and friends gather to give thanks to the Lord, our dear Mother reminds us to be truly loving, kind and gentle while cheerfully lifting one anotherís spirits. She knows, however, our frailties and the difficulties that sometimes arise to prevent us from doing so; we are but weak, feeble and sinful human beings. Even so, she wants us to sincerely try. She tells us God is not demanding; He only wants love from a pure heart, love towards Him and others. God looks for the quality, not quantity, of our actions. Remember the poor widow's mite? Even a simple glass of water, given with love, is rewarded. In the eyes of God, sincere effort to do good deeds surpasses actual accomplishments.