Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

January 31, 2007

The Feast of St. Don Bosco

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, I take all of your petitions and prayers, and I bring them to the Foot of the Cross. But, little ones, I must tell you that there is tremendous danger coming, sooner than you know!

So many people desire not to follow my Son. They are entwined in "Who is right?" and "Who is wrong?" They are all looking to their own self-righteousness. What happens is that love, true Love, is forgotten.

You have to be prepared for something tremendously great! The only way to prepare is not to fear, but to be at peace. In order to be at peace, you must be free; and to be free, every fiber of your being must love God above all things and in the midst everything happening, above everyone in your life. God's Will must be foremost and above anything and everything, forever!

I think that no matter how many messages I could give, the world would not realize this tremendous grace that God has given to enlighten the world and to bring them together so as to make this change and to protect them. For this is why I come--only to point the way to my Son and only so that everyone may be free and safe!

Please, help me! It is not about listening to or receiving messages from or being around any prophet, visionary or mystic. It is about "What is the Truth!" The vehicle I wish to speak through is not for me to say, but a grace from God. God is the One Who wills it.

There cannot be any distraction any longer. There can only be the hope for a new tomorrow. For you are about to enter a time that has been foretold for centuries and promised by Heaven.

Very few are there! Pray for those who are not with God--for their conversion--because they will die. Even within your own families, if they are not with God, they will die.

This is the time to gather as many as you can, because there is not enough time left. Too many evil things in the world are trying to supercede what is good. God will no longer stand for it! Even though many people do not believe it, when they see what is about to unfold and then do believe, there is not enough time to change.

You cannot save everyone. You can save yourself if your own heart is with God. If it is not, then not even you can be saved.

I believe that you are all gems of Christ; however, be alert, because the evil one is not far behind you, trying to distract you and pull you away. So do not be presumptuous that you have already gained freedom of entry.

Help me, and help yourselves!

I love you. I pray for you, and I thank God for you as you thank God for your children, your spouses, and all those in your life. I also do the same. Peace.

Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

From Heaven, our Mother once more sounds the alarm: there is great danger coming. Something momentous is about to unfold and She exhorts us to be ready! Although She is not precisely specific, I believe it most likely is connected with the arrival of the long promised, “NEW TOMORROW,” the ERA OF PEACE AND GLORY. She seems to say some drastic events are preliminary to this time we are about to enter; furthermore, She stresses final preparations which cannot include fear, but peace, the peace that comes from knowing our protection is assured when our hearts are with God.

It is imperative to know that only GODLY people can enter this blessed time.

Therefore, those who are not with God must change and convert NOW. They must place Jesus in the center of their lives. “God’s Will must be above anything and everything, forever.” If one is not with God, one surely dies spiritually; to physically die in this state of spiritual death has eternal consequences.

Our Mother advises us to be alert and not presumptuous concerning our own salvation, for the evil one is always on the prowl to pull us away. Let us help ourselves and help Her to save as many souls as possible.