We Have Decided Not To Sell Our House In "Hometown" &

Frank K's Annulment Has Been Approved

Monday April 2, 2007

When we first moved to the Emmitsburg area back in 2004 we did not put our house in "hometown" on the market for sale, we rented it. That was the original plan and it worked well. As time passed and everybody is happy living here in the Emmitsburg area we decided to put the house up on the market for sale.

Shortly after making this decision the housing market crumbled and we found ourselves facing a July 31, 2007 deadline of selling and closing on the house or having to pay 15% in capital gains taxes on the sale after that date.

After talking to a CPA about this he questioned our reasoning for selling the house in "hometown" considering it has no mortgage and the rental income from the house pays the mortgage on our house in Pennsylvania and all taxes and insurance on both houses.

Another thing that I considered heavily was the fact that selling the house was never an original part of our plan when we first moved here. After a sleepless night and worrying about the looming July 31st deadline S.C.C. and I mutually decided to pull the house off of the market and stick to our original plan of renting it.

The timing was perfect because not only did I need to ride to "hometown" today to inspect the house because the renters were moving out I also needed to sign a paper at All Saintís in Manassas pertaining to Frank and Corinne K's upcoming marriage in the church now that Corrineís annulment has gone through.

I drove to Manassas to sign the paper at All Saintís because thatís where Frank had it sent. I arrived at All Saintís and just as I shut the car off the CD flashed 33. I signed the paper and the pastor, Fr. Bob Celinski witnessed the paper. I then left to go to "hometown" to inspect the house and deliver the paper to Frank. I stopped by my house first because I had been unable to contact Frank on his cell phone.

I inspected the house and everything was fine. I then sat under a tree in the back yard and prayed the rosary. While I was praying Frank returned my call and said he would meet me at the entrance of SWIFT. I said I would be there shortly.

I completed the rosary and then met Frank at SWIFT. Just as I arrived I had to wait for a truck to pass with the number 13 before I could pull in the parking lot. I then saw Frank and handed him the signed paper from All Saintís that cleared the way for his marriage to be blessed in the church and the time was 12:33.

Frankís return to the church was because of Our Lady of Emmitsburg. Not me. Frank and I then went to lunch and when we finished that he rode back to work and I decided to go to "Parish Church" to pray my daily rosary. During the entire rosary I felt extreme peace over not worrying about the house in "hometown" anymore. I finished the rosary and then glanced at my watch and the time was 1:33.

I then drove back to Emmitsburg still very much relived that I was at peace with not selling the house. In thanksgiving I decided to stop at St. Josephís and pray another rosary. I arrived at St. Josephís despite very heavy traffic at 4:13. I prayed the rosary sitting outside in the car and glanced at my watch as I completed it and kissed the Crucifix and the time was 4:33:59.

R_____ C___

April 17, 2007

 2:33 Pm