The Third Secret of Fatima

Sunday May 13, 2007

I can not believe today marks the one year anniversary that The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Gianna Sullivan in our living room. It seems like it was just yesterday. When I think back on it I am constantly reminded of the miracle Our Lady performed to privately validate Her presence by causing a sequence of events that brought C.R.C. down stairs at the instant of the apparition at the very end of the rosary. I described this in detail in the May 13, 2006 paper.

As much as I value this event in my life, I believe I value it even more just because it took place on the anniversary Feast of Fatima. There are very few people on this earth that know Our Lady appeared to Gianna and gave a private message for our family in our house. I do not talk about it.

Private Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

through Gianna Sullivan

May 13, 2006

The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima & The Vigil of Mother’s Day


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, thank you for your prayers. You are so good. I desire you to know how pleased I am, how gracious you are, and how much you are loved. You have housed me well and given me all of your hearts so I can intercede for you and protect you. You make me so happy. With all the elements and different distractions in your lives, you always seem to come back to the true source of nourishment, that being my Son. For this I am grateful and happy.

With all the angels I protect you, and I thank you for being true ambassadors of Light. May God bless you abundantly with good health, prosperity, wisdom and knowledge. May the holy wisdom of speech be yours so that you may be able to speak words of Love and even to chastise and challenge in a format most pleasing to God and centered on Love.

Thank you, thank you for loving my Son; and most importantly, as a Mother at this special time, thank you for being “mothers” and allowing me to be yours.


Recently the Vatican said that the 3rd secret of Fatima had been fully interpreted and was now a historical fact of the past. This made me think about what Our Lady said back on September 15, 2003 and echoed in Medjugorje on a number of occasions when She said the 3rd secrete was about to unfold.

Little children, praised be Jesus! Thank you for focusing on my Son and praying with all your hearts.

I can tell you, my dear ones, that there is not a difference between Church and State. If there were a separation between Church and State, then all the politicians in this country and the leaders in the world would not seek the advice of my most beloved Pope. Dignitaries, diplomats and leaders from many different countries all filter through channels to my most beloved Pope. He makes appeals to them and to the world. He strives for Peace. He challenges people in the world to rise above divisions, wars, conflicts and animosities between groups. If Church and State were different, then the Church would have to be truly and most completely separated from all the political issues in this world today.

This is why my Church is in such turmoil today. My Cardinals, my Bishops, many of my priests, and even the laity are so deeply involved politically; so focused on relationships, administrative and political issues, and career stepping stones; and so intent on being recognized in many ways other than spiritually. The effects of all this have rolled down through the hierarchy of the Church to the local parishes, where many people are suffering because my children desire to be fed the Truth; and what they are receiving is only what is desired within the "self" of each of those in charge rather than what my Son desires to give them.

My most beloved Pope is surrounded by many priests, Bishops, Cardinals and laity who orchestrate his time and who have oftentimes fed him incorrect information. It is not that these priests, Bishops, Cardinals and laity are not good, but rather that they are most intimately preoccupied with both political and administrative issues, as well as many self-satisfying issues.

That is why the 3rd secret that I gave at Fatima told of my most beloved Pope climbing a mountain followed by wolves. It told of the future and what will happen in my Church. It did not end with the Millennium, but is beginning now because of the lack of commitment of many priests, Bishops and Cardinals who have been invited to speak the Truth. My Son sacrificed His Life for you for the Truth. If He did not give you this Truth and invite each of you within the Church to be a voice of His Truth, then His Death would have been an act of vanity; but His Death was not in vain.

I need priests who want to give of themselves and live as did the First Apostle, the First Apostle who became the first Pope, who lived his life for the Truth. He was a Pope who people could approach. He lived for humanity, not for dignitaries and diplomats, nor for political issues. He lived for the depth and breadth and Life of my Son. He even sacrificed his life as did my Son for the Truth.

The Church is in jeopardy today because its vision is being focused in a different direction. The Church will always stand because of my Son, but what is in jeopardy are the souls of many of my priests, my Bishops and my Cardinals who will have to atone and who will be held accountable for misleading the flock.

The 3rd Secret of Fatima is about to unfold. It has not been revealed and understood in its totality as to how it applies to humanity. It deals with the Truth and who shall stand up for the Truth, and how my most beloved Pope is holding up the Truth of my Son while being hit with crashing waves.

Do not be misled. Pray for the Truth. Support your priests in prayer. Be active, giving of yourselves so that my priests can give spiritually and fully to my Son's people and not be caught up in political issues.

I love you. I bless you. I thank you for your response.

With this in place I will describe what happened today on the 1 year anniversary of Our Lady appearing to Gianna in our house.

S.C.C., C.R.C., Greg and myself got up to go to mass this morning at St. Mary’s. We arrived and just as I shut the car off I noticed from the corner of my eye the CD flash 13.

We were sitting in our pew and just a few minutes before mass began I noticed Mike and Gianna Sullivan were sitting one row in front of us. Seeing Mike and Gianna made me suddenly think about the apparition of Our Lady in our house one year ago today. This caused me to suddenly glance at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

Fr. Peter DeTommaso was the priest who is still filling in as Fr. Mike recovers from surgery. Mass ended and we all went out to eat breakfast at the Village Table. We then rode home and I sat down to catch up all of my notes these papers are written from. At the instant I finished all of my notes ( about 3 days worth) I glanced at my watch and the time was 2:13:00.

I was feeling a little tired so I took a nap on the living room sofa. When I woke up S.C.C. said she would like to take a ride to the Grotto to get water and mark the one year anniversary of Our Lady appearing at our house. Greg Park is still staying with us and he said he would like to go too. I had to wait for both S.C.C. and Greg to get ready. We then left and when we arrived at the Grotto the time on the dash was 6:13.

S.C.C. and I walked through the Grotto and Greg went off by himself. A while later S.C.C. and I found Greg and he was praying the rosary by himself. We waited for Greg to finish his rosary before leaving the Grotto. When Greg finished we left and stopped by St. Joseph’s on the way home and arrived there and the time on the dash was 7:13.

We said a few prayers and I thanked Our Lady for coming to our house one year ago today as I had been doing in my heart all day long. We then drove home and when we pulled in the driveway the odometer was 3.3

Shortly after we arrived home Greg said he saw something earlier he would like to share with me in the book “To The Priest Our Lady’s Beloved Sons” which are the messages from Our Lady to Fr. Stefano Gobbi. We sat down on the living room sofa and Greg opened the book and pointed to a particular paragraph. At that instant I felt the peace run through me. Just before I started to read I glanced at my watch and the time was 7:33:13.

The message from Our Lady to Fr. Gobbi was given on May 13, 1990 at Fatima and again echoed by Our Lady of Emmitsburg and Medjugorje when She said:

My Third secret, which I revealed here to three little children to whom I appeared and which up to the present has not been revealed to you, will be made manifest to all by the very occurrence of the events.

The Church will know the hour of its greatest apostasy…while the little remnant which will remain faithful will be subjected to the greatest trials and persecutions.

Humanity will live through the moment of its great chastisement and thus will be made to ready to receive the Lord Jesus who will return to you in Glory…


June 14, 2007

9:33 Pm