Public Apparition of Our Lady of Emmitsburg & New Apparition Video

Sunday June 3, 2007

It will never cease to amaze me how unexpected events that take place end up being the events that cause me to write these papers that center around the apparitions of Our Lady here in Emmitsburg. I never know what to expect.

I have somewhat grown to expect that when I arrive at St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg I will be met with a 13, 33 or 333 from somewhere. What I do not know is what sequence of events will transpire that cause me to arrive at St. Joseph’s when I do. I have no control over it at all.

This morning S.C.C. and C.R.C. went to the 8 AM mass at St. Mary’s because C.R.C. was scheduled to serve. I decided to stay home and try to figure out a problem with a website I am building that displays my old Civil War relic collection. I did suddenly realize what was causing the technical problem and when I realized what it was I glanced at my watch and the time was 9:13.

A little while later S.C.C. and C.R.C. arrived home and I left to go to the 10:30 mass. I arrived at St. Mary’s and shortly before mass began I had a sudden thought run through my mind that I should try to help as many people as I can get to the apparitions. In my heart I knew I could do better than I am doing. This caused me to glance at my watch and the time was 10:33:33.

The church was full and mass was a little late getting started. Gianna Sullivan came in and sat next to me. Mass began and Fr. Peter Zorjan was the priest. When the mass got to the point of the sign of peace, Gianna did not shake my hand but gave me a hug instead. At that instant I felt the peace and as she let go I glanced at my watch and the time was 11:13. Mass ended and I glanced at my watch as I walked out the door and the time was 11:33:00.

I drove home and did a few things around the house before leaving for today’s apparition. S.C.C. told me that she wanted to go in just one car today because nobody was riding with her. I told her that I needed to leave a little early so I could stop by St. Peter’s Book Store. S.C.C. said she would meet me there at 1:30.

I drove to St. Peter’s and had a coffee and talked to Peter about a few things we needed to discuss. A short while later S.C.C. arrived and she and I rode to the Lynfield. When we arrived there the odometer was 1.3.

Like always we helped set things up. Mike Sullivan made announcements and the prayer group began shortly after 3 PM. It was a good crowd and there were at least 4 priest and 2 deacons there. Our Lady came during the 4th decade of the rosary at 3:58 PM. The rosary ended and was followed by the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. At the end Fr. Kieran Kavanaugh led the Divine Praises and Fr. _______ gave the final blessing.

When everything was over S.C.C. and I stayed and help clean up. As I was getting ready to leave Peter Blanchard came up to me and gave me a DVD of a new Emmitsburg Apparition video that will be released very soon. He asked me if I could make some copies and drop them off at his house this evening. I said yes.

Ivan Pare then came up to me and asked for a ride to the Basilica so he could drop his car off there for his wife to drive home later tonight when she gets off work. We left and dropped Ivan off at the Basilica. S.C.C. and I then drove home. As we arrived back at the house we remembered S.C.C.’s car was parked at St. Peter’s in Emmitsburg. Since we were home and had to go out again to get the car I went on and made the copies of the Emmitsburg Apparition Video for Peter.

After I finished making 5 copies of the video S.C.C. and I left and I drove her back to her car. I then left and stopped by St. Joseph’s on my way to Peter’s house. I glanced at my watch as I arrived at St. Joseph’s and the time was 7:33:33. I said a few prayers of thanks for the apparitions and left. As I pulled out the CD flashed 133.

I then drove to Peter’s house to deliver the DVDs which is on the way to my house. I arrived and Fr. ______ was there. I previewed the new video and I thought it was very good. I then left and drove home. I pulled in my driveway and the odometer was 1.3 and the time on the dash was 8:13.

R_____ C___

June 17, 2007

10:33 Pm