Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

August 5, 2007

The Proposed Feast of the Father of All Mankind

Little children, praised be Jesus!

You are very special, children, special because God loves you. If all the peoples of the world turned against you, God would still love you. He will never abandon you. Put all your trust in Jesus, your Savior. In everything, in all that you do, in times of happiness and in times of sorrow, trust with all your heart, soul and mind. Trust God! All things are made new because of Jesus.

You know, dear children, that you desire to fulfill the Divine Will of God. There are two wills. There is the Divine Will, and there is the permissive will. I have a plan for the salvation of the world for which I have prayed for a very long time on your behalf. Oftentimes, my plan changes, although it will be fulfilled according to God's Divine Will. It changes because you are gifted with a permissive will. You have the freedom to choose. God, in His Mercy and kindness, allows you to choose. He does not force you.

So if you trust with all your heart in God, His Divine Will shall unfold. I have said that God the Father has promised to now intervene. This is His Divine Will, when He chooses. Nothing can stop what He desires. If He desires anything that I request on your behalf, it will happen, regardless of your free will, because He knows what brings everlasting true joy and happiness for you.
In your life, you are able to choose. When you discern everyday to fulfill God's Divine Will, trust with all your heart and remove any obstacles that would prevent you from fulfilling His Will. It may not seem like a happy course; but if you are resigned to His Divine Will, your permissive will will follow through, and you will be at peace, completely free. You will not be afraid. You will be courageous. You will have the fortitude to persevere, the temperance to follow through, and the wisdom to understand.

Do not be afraid to die. It is far better to die than to live where there is no peace or love. Eternal happiness awaits all those who desire and trust in God to live and see the most glorious Beatific Vision with the Holy Angels and Saints, and to be blessed by the Presence of the Holy Trinity forever and ever. Timeless beauty!

You have a choice, and that choice begins now. Live now as if in Heaven, and trust, trust, trust! Regardless, God's Divine Will shall unfold. He has promised, and through His Mercy, I bow in humility to move with Him at all costs, at all times, forever. So, if my plan does not seem to you to be unfolding according to your agenda, know that permissive will allows a choice due to your freedom. But ultimately, inevitably and beyond any doubt, I trust and I know God's Divine Will shall unfold.

Peace to you. I love you; and I thank you in advance for being good children, loving children, peaceful children, prayerful children, and children who really trust.

Reflection by Rev. John B. Wang

In this message, our Heavenly Mother touches on some aspects of God's Will. She seems to state that while the Divine Will is one and perfect, God does permit the actions and decisions of the human free will. This results in God's Permissive Will. When we conform our will and subsequent actions to God's Will, we become saintly and happy; when we do not conform, we deviate and harm ourselves. Nevertheless, God's love for us is unconditional and unshakable and even amidst our sinful choices, He intervenes with His divine grace to bring repentance and salvation.

It is my insight that Our Motherís message is hereby implying the Marian events at Emmitsburg. She often mentions that it is GOD'S WILL that she appears in this area. Human will has created obstacles of disbelief. Ultimately, inevitably and beyond any doubt, the Truth of her appearing at Emmitsburg will be vindicated, verified and accepted.