Public Apparition of Our Lady of Emmitsburg and New Video About The Apparitions

September 2, 2007

Today is the monthly public apparition of Our Lady of Emmitsburg at the Lynfield Event Complex. The appearances of Our Lady are always special here in Emmitsburg and the monthly crowd at the Lynfield continues to grow and grow.

C.R.C. and I attended the 8 AM mass this morning at St. Mary’s in Fairfield. Fr. Mike was the priest. After mass I drove C.R.C. to the Jewish Camp where he has been working this past summer. After I dropped Chris off I drove back to St. Mary’s to pickup the Eucharist to take home to S.C.C. who at this point is still an invalid. After picking up the Eucharist I got back in my car and the time on the dash was 9:33. I drove home with the Eucharist and just as the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 13.

Mary Blanchard was here working on S.C.C.’s leg and after she left I gave S.C.C. the Eucharist. A little later I left to go to today’s public apparition of Our Lady. I stopped by St. Joseph’s on my way to say a few prayers. Despite several unexpected delays I arrived at St. Joseph’s at the instant the time on the dash switched to 1:13 and the CD flashed 33.

I was able to get in St. Joseph’s despite the fact the church was already locked because someone let me in. I knelt in the church and I prayed for S.C.C. and for today’s apparition of Our Lady. When I completed my prayers I left and just as I did I met a car with the license plate of 33.

I rode to St. Peter’s books and Jim O’Brien was there and asked for a ride to the Lynfield. Peter also wanted me to stop by his house after everything was over this evening to work with him and George C on a procedure to put video of each monthly prayer group and apparition up on the Foundation of The Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart website. When I arrived at St. Peter’s the CD flashed 13.

Jim and I rode to the Lynfield. We had not been there very long when Phil C asked me if I would lead the fourth decade of the rosary today. I said yes. After setting up all of the equipment the prayer group began just a few minutes after 3 PM.

Mike Sullivan made the announcements and said the new DVD video of the apparitions would be ready for next months prayer service and apparition. They will be free. Mike then introduced the three priest who were there, Fr. Kiernan Kavanaugh, Fr. Joseph McCloskey and a new priest who came here from France after his sister told him about the apparitions.

It was another huge crowd and each month there are more and more new faces. The rosary began and Our Lady came during the third decade of the rosary. The sister of the priest from France was leading the rosary when Our Lady came. I then led the fourth decade. When the entire rosary was completed I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

We then prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy along with other prayers. The priest from France led the Divine Praises. When everything was over I suddenly felt the peace run through me as I was helping take down the equipment. I glanced at my watch and the time was 5:13:33.

I was getting ready to leave and Peter B said he would call when it was time to go to his house to work on the video. I then left and on my way home I stopped by St. Joseph’s to say a prayer. At the instant I arrived I met a car with the license plate of 33 and the CD flashed 13. I said my prayers and gave thanks. I then pulled out to leave and at that instant the odometer switched to 3.3 and the time on the dash switched to 6:13.

I drove up to the Jewish Capital Camp grounds to pick up C.R.C. from his summer job and drove home. Peter then called and said he was ready to work on the video. I drove to Peter’s house and arrived there at 7:13. We worked on the video and got everything working. I then drove home about an hour or so later and just as the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 1333.

R_____ C___

Sep. 26, 2007

3:33 Pm