Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

September 2, 2007


Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, I love you. I am your Mother, and I thank you for giving your hearts to Jesus. Little ones, there are so many kinds of people---all over the world---that God created, peoples with different personalities, opinions, outlooks and creeds. So many with different beliefs! God created all people to be good.

Why is it that you cannot unite in peace?

You can!

All things are possible with God. If you but unite in a gentle loving heart, respectful of one another, there can be unity and there can be peace!

Please stop! Stop in the many areas that cause confusion and ruin reputations. Stop with slanderous words and telling lies in order to prove yourselves right. Be humble, and accept that you could be wrong.

Even my clergy, beware please, even you holy priests, that if you lie in order to prove a point and slander a child's reputation, your God of Justice will be forthright with you. Be very cautious! And if you, my laity, lie in order to prove your point, what good is it? You too will have to pay for your deception or for deceiving others.

Unity and peace come through humility and justice. Be merciful and trust God at all costs. How blessed you are to be present and to receive God's blessing! How blessed you are that He is here everyday for you in the Most Holy Eucharist! How blessed you are to receive Jesus every minute! Just look to the left and look to the right, and there dwells my Son in all who welcome Him.

I love you. Thank you for being good and for defending the Truth at all costs. Your reward will be great in Heaven! Receive His blessing most graciously, and open your hearts continually to receive more; for there is much more to give. Peace, peace (fading whisper).

Be Jesus! Be His Peace! Live His Peace! Breathe Life!

Reflection by Rev. John B. Wang

It seems to me that our Heavenly Mother has a double focus in giving this message. First, She addresses all peoples in the world; then She speaks particularly to those involved in the Emmitsburg events.

God created all kinds of people with many and varied differences. They are not uniform, however, they can be and they must be united in heart to live in peace by being GOOD.

Regarding Emmitsburg, She again advises us to seek the TRUTH; to practice justice and humility. She warns both the clergy and the laity to never slander or lie in order to prove oneself right, as one can be wrong. She asks us to be merciful, to pray God's blessings upon everyone, and to receive Jesus every minute.