Christmas Gifts For The Poor

December 15, 2007

Each year the Lay Missionary of Charity (LMC) group here in Emmitsburg and Fairfield organize the Secret Santa gift giving program for the poor. Tags are hung on the Christmas tree at St. Mary’s and parishioners take the tags and buy gifts. The gifts are then bagged up per family and delivered before Christmas to those families in need.

This year for whatever reason there were not as many LMC members who were available to deliver these gifts to the family’s. This caused somewhat of a overload on the few who were able to make the deliveries. I have to admit, I did grumble when I realized I would have to deliver to 11 family’s because I knew this would take up most of the day. I was blessed to have Phil C ride with me, he was a big help.

Susan and I rode to St. Joseph’s this morning to go to daily mass. I glanced at my watch as I walked in the door and the time was 8:33:00. Mass ended and as I was leaving Mike Sullivan pulled out in front of me and his license plate was 13.

I rode to St. Peter’s Books for a quick cup of coffee before having to meet at Dolly K’s house at 10 AM to deliver the Secret Santa gifts. I had coffee and then drove to Dolly’s. When I arrived at Dolly’s I was surprised to see how few people had showed up to help deliver the gifts which covered a 30 mile radius.

Because of the lack of people Phil C and I had to deliver to 11 family’s and it took the best part of the day. In my heart I did complain and I really did not feel like doing this.

It took Phil and I about 5 ½ hours to deliver all of the gifts and we traveled over 125 miles doing so. When we finished I drove home and pulled in my driveway. I glanced at my watch and the time was 3:33:33.

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January 9, 2008

12:13 Pm