Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

February 24, 2008

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Let it be known that the greatest gift you can give to God the Father is to love my Son with all your heart. He loves you. He draws you to Himself; and He desires you to be filled, to be consumed and to be inebriated by His Love. He wants you to be all of Him.

Little ones, you have been given a great gift of faith. It is so important, especially now, to live your faith and to trust Jesus with all your heart---not just in words, but in reality. Do you really believe and trust Him in all the circumstances in your life? When things go well you seem happy; but at the least breakdown, you crash, panic and scream for help.

You have within you the Holy Spirit! Trust Him. Surrender daily in every circumstance. Know Godís Hand is upon you; and if you are consumed by His Love, you would only experience the depth and breadth of Peace.

Even in the midst of trials, you can be free, filled with joy, and at peace. This is the greatest gift of your mercy and love that you can give to my Son during this Lenten Season. Trust, and live the gift of your faith. It is not in signs; it is not in visions; it is living in His Truth.

I bless you. I take all your petitions to my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, and I lay them at the Foot of my Sonís Cross.

Be children of light and love. Anything is possible with God! Do you believe?


Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

In this message, our Heavenly Mother again talks about the preciousness of love and faith. She asks us to fill our hearts with Jesusí love and offer that love to God the Father. This would be the greatest gift we can offer to Heaven, for love reigns supreme and surpasses anything and everything.

Faith is another invaluable gift, which not only enables us to believe the revealed truths, but also to trust in Godís Divine Providence. This trust, absolute and total, unconditional and unshakeable, brings us freedom, peace and joy under all circumstances, auspicious or inauspicious, benign or noxious. We must, therefore, pray for and live in these two supernatural virtues.