I Found a Statue Of Jesus While Metal Detecting In A Civil War Camp

Sunday March 9, 2008

I have been metal detecting for Civil War relics for about the past thirty years. In that time I have found a massive amount of artifacts from both the Union and Confederate armies. There was a time in my life when metal detecting took up to much of my life. My success in finding Civil War Relics took a toll in other areas of my life.

After first attending the Thursday Night Prayer group my priorities immediately began to change and metal detecting became almost nothing and God became everything. Over the past year or so I have been doing a little bit of metal detecting here around Gettysburg and I have been finding some Union and Confederate relics on a fairly regular basis.

Today while I was metal detecting a Confederate camp on Iron Springs Road in Fairfield I found a plaster statue of Jesus just laying on top of the ground. It looked like it had been discarded from a vehicle because it was near the road. In all my years of hunting the woods and fields I have never found anything like this.

After finding the broken statue I continued to hunt. When I was ready to leave I went and picked up the pieces of the statue of Jesus and then started my car to leave and the time on the dash was 6:13.

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April 7, 2008

7:33 Pm