Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

April 6, 2008

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Alleluia! He is your risen Savior! As a human body will die, He lives and will never die. His suffering was for your redemption, so that death from all evil would never take hold of you and so that you would have the opportunity to live with Him forever. What love surpasses His Love?

Throughout my life I was His most faithful disciple. I surrendered everything unto Him to follow Him wherever He went, no matter how painful, no matter how sorrowful. This is why I say: “Do whatever He tells you!” (John 2:5)

As your Mother, I love you. I am with you, taking your petitions to my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart. My Son is a unifying source of all love. Trust Him. Never be afraid, because He is with you; and His Death was just for that—that you would be free to live in Him forever.

Rejoice, and be glad!

I take all of your petitions, and I thank God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit for allowing me to distribute graces and healing to all of you.

Follow Him! Follow Him! Follow Him and only Him! Do whatever He tells you to do. Peace.

Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

Jesus is the only WAY to Heaven. “Follow Him,” thus insists our anxious Mother in this message. Jesus alone is LIFE, for by His death He destroyed death, and by His rising He restored life. Jesus is our Savior and it is in Him that we are saved.

Mary followed Jesus. No one is more intimately united to Him than She. Mother and Son are purely blended in Twin Hearts. Jesus and Mary lived, prayed, suffered and, in a certain sense, died together. One is the Master, the Other the most faithful disciple. One was transfixed by a lance, the Other by a sword. One is the Redeemer, the Other the Co-Redemptrix.

Rejoice, and be glad!

We are people of Resurrection. We are Heaven-bound, led by two firm and loving hands.