Private Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg

through Gianna Sullivan

April 20, 2008


My dear little children, praised be Jesus! Little ones, press forward in the Way of Truth. Be sensitive to each otherís needs. Always believe. Move forward in love and in unity.

You do not know what the soul is desiring. Each person is different. Oftentimes others may need love, oftentimes correction, oftentimes affirmation, oftentimes the kindness of a listening ear and the warmth of a loving touch.

So many souls are hurting. Each soul belongs to God, and the soul hurts because the core of the human being itself rejects the entry of God for its fulfillment.

The Holy Spirit must be welcome to change the inner being. So I invite you to be most sensitive to the needs of others and to be at peace. I love you; and God, the Almighty, is with you guiding you, instructing you, protecting you, gracing you, enveloping you, challenging you, and mapping a new way for you-a Way into the future that will lead others and protect them from all harm.

I take you petitions, as I always do, precious indeed, as if it was the first time. Unite in prayer, and thank God above that you are blessed with companionship; for there are many who are alone-the old, the forgotten, the unborn, the young without a home and without parents. You can make the difference! Be grateful for what you have.