Public Message

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

To the World

through Gianna Sullivan

May 11, 2008

Pentecost Sunday & Mother’s Day

Little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, what a great gift today, to be with you, all my children! How I love you! How desirable you are to God! What blessings you give in glory and in honor to the Holy Trinity! What a great and blessed feast day!

The greatest gift to receive from my Son is the gift of the Holy Spirit! Do you not see? He is with you now, at all times, forever, without end. How wonderful, how glorious, how blessed are you, and welcomed to know, to love, to breathe and to live life in God!

You do not realize the great gift of life. How precious it truly is! Enjoy life to its fullest. Be kind, be merciful and be joyful. Help those who are less fortunate. Give of yourself, and receive more.

If all the mothers and fathers of the world understood the Truth, the reality of this gift of the Holy Spirit, all would be elated and share it with the conviction of “How awesome God is!” in His Being, in His Spirit, in His holiness, and in your role as mother and as father. There can be no life with one and not the other. The family, how precious, how glorious!

Rejoice, children, for this day I come bearing good news and tidings of joy for you. I desire to envelop you and wrap you within my mantle. Thank you for praying. Know that this day, a most blessed day created by God, you are a pillar of Light, and that I present all your petitions, whether you be young or old. Thank you.

Never have fear of life or sorrow or pain, but have a holy fear of God that you would not give all of yourself to Him in response to His desire. The Spirit and the virtues are all upon you. Cultivate them; and use them most wisely with prudence, with joy, with vision and with childlike filial dependence.

Peace. I love you.

Reflection by Fr. John B. Wang

Just as She was with the disciples of Jesus at the First Pentecost in Jerusalem, our Heavenly Mother, full of joy, celebrates this great feast with her devout children today. From Emmitsburg, She reminds us that the Holy Spirit is the greatest gift from Heaven. Indeed, this Divine Spirit brings us divine life with all its richness of love, peace, joy, wisdom and strength as well as other innumerable graces. We must thank God the Father and Jesus for suffusing us with this heavenly Power and Light. We must use these blessings with prudence and childlike, filial dependence. In this message, Mother Mary also exhorts us to contemplate God’s awesome Majesty and holiness. She invites us, in a particular way, to appreciate and practice the gifts of holy fear and piety. Let us respond to her advice with gratitude.