Apparition Hill, A New Documentary Film About Medjugorje

November 6, 2016


Back on September 18, 2016  J.F. sent out an email offering tickets to the new Medjugorje film being shown in Gettysburg on Sunday November 6. This showing is being sponsored by St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Fairfield, Pennsylvania, our old parish when we lived there. I sent J.F. a check in the mail to get three tickets. A couple of weeks later they arrived in the mail.

I told C.R.C we had a ticket for him but he was not sure he would be able to get off from work to go. It ended up that he was off that day and was able to go.

Yesterday November 5 while I was driving to drop off a package at the UPS store my phone dinged and it was the latest message from Medjugorje. I was at a stop light so I started to read it. The light turned green before I finished reading and at that instant I was met by two oncoming cars. The first one had the license plate of 133 and the 2nd one was 333. I arrived at UPS and finished reading the message as I sat in the car. When I finished reading it I noticed on my phone the time was 9:13.

I love Medjugorje and it has been since 2007 that we were last there. To me Medjugorje and Emmitsburg are a seamless experience that has only strengthened mine and members of my family’s love for God and His Mother. Because of this I was excited about seeing this new film on Medjugorje.

Today November 6th S.C.C. and I go to Emmitsburg to pick up Ray Sanders before going to Gettysburg to see the Medjugorje film. C.R.C is riding up in his own car. Ray lives next door to St. Joseph’s. S.C.C. and I arrived at St. Joseph’s and the time was 11:33.

S.C.C., Ray and myself drove to Gettysburg and arrived at the movie theater. We saw a lot of our old friends from Emmitsburg. We watched the Medjugorje film and it was very good but I thought it could have been better. In order to really understand the film you needed to already have a background knowledge of Medjugorje which the film touched on but did not fully explain. This left people without a good knowledge of Medjugorje without all the information they needed to comprehend the film. During the film there were absolutely no occurrences of the 13s, 33s or 333s. None at all, and I was surprised at that.

After the film we decided to go out and get something to eat back in Emmitsburg. We all drove back to St. Joseph’s and parked and walked down the street to the Ott House. C.R.C and his girlfriend joined us along with C.R.C’s friend P.F. and his parents J.F. and J.F.. We all ate and had a very nice time. We finished eating and walked back to St. Joseph’s where our cars were parked. As we pulled out I noticed there were only 2 cars parked next to the church. The first one had the license plate of 33 and the 2nd one had the license plate of 13.

Susan and I left to go back to "hometown" and C.R.C was right behind us. We arrived home and when we arrived and turned off the truck my Iphone blinked on and the time was 7:33.

R.C.    November 30, 2016   12:13 PM