All Souls Day

November 2, 2017

When I stop to think about the wonderful things that have taken place in my life since first attending the Thursday Night Prayer Group in Emmitsburg it sometimes makes me feel like collapsing. I have never done anything in my life that would warrant such blessings from God and His Mother. I can only say that since it’s happening to me that it can only mean that God deemed me as the most needy of His and His Mother’s Graces. I humbly accept them and pray that I can produce the results with them that they wish to achieve. I do not pretend for even one second to think I am worthy of what I have received at St. Joseph’s in Emmitsburg during the apparitions of Our Lady. The blessings that I have been describing for so many years in these papers continue to this day and seem to be increasing. With that said I will state the events as they happened to me on All Souls Day 2017.

I was scheduled to perform 2 mortgage closings on November 2. The first one was in Rileyville, Virginia which is very close to Luray. The second one was in Barboursville near Charlottesville. I decided that I would attend morning mass at Our Lady of The Valley in Luray before my first appointment. I drove to Our Lady of The Valley and mass began at 8:33. Mass ended and the 4 or 5 people there prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy afterwards for the souls in Purgatory. When that was completed I drove to Rileyville which was about 10 miles and did my mortgage closing. When that was complete I drove to Barboursville for my 2nd closing of the day. During that closing the woman told me that she was Catholic and both of her children were baptized Catholic. I glanced at my watch when she said this and the time was 4:13. I completed the closing and got in my car to leave and glanced at my watch and the time was now 4:33.

I started driving back to “Hometown” and was thinking about going to adoration tonight because we have it all day on Thursday’s until 9 PM. While I was still driving I SUDDENLY remembered that I need to send out the Our Lady of Emmitsburg newsletter tonight. This had completely slipped my mind. When I suddenly remembered this I glanced at my watch and it was the last few seconds of 5:13.

I arrived back in “Hometown” and drove to the UPS store to drop off the closing I had just done. When I got back in my car I thought about going to adoration tonight around 8 PM so I could be there for Benediction. Suddenly a CRASHING thought came to me that I should go NOW. It was so strong I glanced at my watch and the time was 5:33:33.

I drove straight to “Home Parish” and went in the church before the Blessed Sacrament. I started my daily rosary. I was just starting the 4th Glorious mystery when the deacon came in and had Benediction. I stopped the rosary at this point realizing adoration was ending early tonight (which I did not know) because of a 7 PM Spanish mass. After the deacon reposed the Blessed Sacrament I picked up with my rosary right where I had left off and as a result finished it at 6:13.

R. C.

Nov 7, 2017

3:33 PM