Christmas Rosary

December 25, 2017


I have not written to many papers about how I can be going about my business, doing whatever I am doing and suddenly feel the sudden urge to pray the rosary. This happens to me very often. I can be mowing grass, out in the woods metal detecting for Civil War relics or anyplace, doing anything when this happens. When I get these sudden urges to pray the rosary I glance at my watch and it will be 13 or 33 minutes after the hour.

One of the many things Our Lady of Emmitsburg would stress in many of her messages is the importance of family prayer. This was very important to her and she made it clear that there is NOT enough of it taking place these days. I remember one message that clearly stated the lack of vocations is directly related to the decline of family prayer.

Since my arrival at the Thursday Night Prayer Group back in 1998 I have had the very best Christmasís of my life. A renewed love of God and Our Lady and a deeper love of my family that I have ever had. I always loved them but now I love them even more. I will now describe the events of Christmas Day 2017.

Usually we go to S.C.C.ís motherís house for Christmas breakfast at about 9 am and eat oyster stew. This was the first year we had it at our house because of S.C.C.ís momís advanced age and she just canít do it anymore. It was a wonderful time but S.C.C.ís family is Protestant and there is still a little friction from where S.C.C. converted to the Catholic faith.† After our Christmas breakfast was over we were scheduled to go to my sister B.Mís house for Christmas dinner there.

We arrived at B.Mís house about 1:30 and everyone from my family was there except my nephewís B.M. and E.M.. B.M lives in Colorado and E.M. was on duty at the fire station. After we ate we were sitting around the house watching Christmas shows on TV. Suddenly I felt the strong urge to pray a FAMILY rosary with everyone there. It was so strong I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33 (33 seconds). I asked everyone there if they would like to pray the rosary and everyone said yes. When everyone was ready we started the Joyful mysteries and the time was 6:13. We finished the rosary and the time was 6:33.


R. C.

Dec 31, 2017

6:13 PM