It Is Possible That C.R.C. Will be Ordained a Priest One Day

Palm Sunday March 25 and Fr. Mike Messaro’s 50th Ordination Anniversary as a Priest April 15, 2018


As I have stated in the past and I will state it again today, everything I have ever recorded in these papers regarding the apparitions of Our Lady of Emmitsburg is true. There is absolutely no exaggeration. It would be safe to say that what I have recorded in these papers is understated and under described to ensure that every word can be read and understood without risking the truth or the clarity of what I am trying to describe.

I remember it was near Christmas many years ago on a Thursday Night back in 1999 at St. Joseph’s, the Nativity scene was displayed at the front of the church. I remember looking over and seeing my 8 year old son, C.R.C. knelling in front of it. He remained there for what seemed like a long time. A woman that I did not know and had never seen before walked up to me. She asked if that young boy kneeling at the Nativity scene was my son. I told her that he was. She then said to me “I have to tell you your son will be a priest someday.” I was not expecting to hear something like that and the only thing I could say back to her was “Well I guess time will tell.” She then walked away and I never remember seeing her again. But I never forgot what she said and I never mentioned it to C.R.C..

As C.R.C. grew up I never saw any indication that this might be the path in life that he would take except for a few times when he came to me to discuss spiritual things taking place in his life that brought him joy and some things that caused him distress. He was open about it but it was rare. He was an altar server since 4th grade at “Home Parish” in “home town” with Fr. L.Z. and after we moved to the Emmitsburg area he served at St. Mary’s with Fr. Michael Messaro in Fairfield, Pennsylvania until his graduation from Delone Catholic High School in McSherrystown, Pennsylvania. After we moved back to “home town” in 2009 C.R.C. seemed to drift from his Catholic faith but that was short lived and he did come around and returned to The Faith. He attributes his return to reading all of the Emmitsburg papers I wrote from start to finish. I don’t know what to say other than thank you to God and His mother.

I have witnessed an incredible change in C.R.C. over the past few years. All for the better. This past July following a series of incredible events that I am 100 percent sure was orchestrated by Our Lady of Emmitsburg, C.R.C. quit his job and moved back to the Emmitsburg area to accept a job at the Grotto of Lourdes at Mount St. Mary’s. Since then I have NEVER seen him so happy and focused on God. Our Lady of Emmitsburg is a gift from God that never stops giving. C.R.C. is now experiencing (and has been for a good while now) exactly the same thing that began happening to me at the Thursday Night Prayer Group at St. Joseph’s with the 13’s, 33’s and 333’s and we both know it is real. Describing the events of Palm Sunday and Fr. Mike Messaro’s 50th anniversary as a priest only scratches the surface and there is much more I could write but if I did I would never finish.


Palm Sunday March 25, 2018


I attended Palm Sunday mass at “Home Parish” in “home town” last night at the vigil mass because both S.C.C. and I were scheduled to serve as Eucharistic ministers. The next day I decided that I would like to go metal detecting in an old Civil War South Carolina camp on the Sperryville Pike that I have been hunting for years. They cleared some of the woods recently and I already metal detected that. I was hoping they had cleared some more but they had not so there was no use even trying. I turned around to go home and before I got there I had a SUDDEN, OUT OF NOWHERE thought that I should go to Emmitsburg and stop at the Grotto of Lourdes where C.R.C. works. At the INSTANT that thought CRASHED through my mind I noticed the odometer on my car was the last fraction of a second of 33.3. I arrived home and changed my clothes and left to go to Emmitsburg. Like always I stopped at St. Joseph’s first and when I arrived there the time was 3:13. The church was locked so I sat in my truck and prayed the Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. When I finished the rosary the time was 3:33.

I then rode to the Grotto of Lourdes and parked. At the instant I got out of my truck I noticed there was car directly in my line of sight about 30 feet away with the license plate of 333. I walked up to the Grotto and C.R.C. was there. He looked great. C.R.C. took me for a walk through a part of the Grotto I had never been. He showed me an old trail that he discovered that had long been covered over by brush and his desire to get it cleared and put a bench or two there overlooking a great view. C.R.C. then told me that he has been in talks with Fr. Mike Messaro MSSCC to become a postulant in his order, “Missionaries of The Sacred Hearts”. This is a discernment move where C.R.C. spends time with them to observe them as they observe him. C.R.C. was very happy about this and at this point does not know the exact day it will begin. After C.R.C. told me this I walked up to the statue of St. Therese to thank her. I then walked up to the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and thanked her and said a Hail Mary. When I finished I glanced at my watch and the time was 4:13.

A short while later I left to start my drive back to “home town”. While I was driving I remembered that my cousin Chuck C.who lives in Richmond had sent me a text that I had not answered. I decided to give him a call instead. We talked for a good while and then he asked how C.R.C. is doing. At that point I told him about C.R.C.’s desire to enter the Missionaries of The Sacred Hearts as a postulant and it being part of a discernment process. AT THE VERY INSTANT I finished telling him about it a car passed me on the right and then pulled directly in front of me coming to a stop at a red light. It had the license plate of 33. AT THAT VERY SAME INSTANT another car came up and stopped next to him and it had the license plate of 13.

I arrived back in “home town” and stopped at “Home Parish” to attend Fr. M’s 60th birthday party. It was very nice and well attended. There was plenty of food and everyone seemed to be having a very nice time. When I arrived there I glanced at my watch as I walked in the door and the time was 6:33.

Later after I got home I sat down at the kitchen table and was talking to S.C.C.. I told her about C.R.C. going to become a postulant with the Missionaries in Fairfield and after I finished telling her I looked up and the time on the kitchen clock was 7:33. Later in the evening I called my mother and told her the news and just as I finished telling her about it I just so happened to notice the time on my watch and it was 8:13.


Fr. Michael Messaro’s MSSCC 50th Anniversary Of His Ordination To The Priesthood

April 15, 2018


S.C.C. and I received an invitation almost two months ago inviting us to Fr. Mike Messaro’s celebration of being ordained a priest for 50 years. It was an honor to be invited and we promptly sent back our RSVP stating that we would be attending. Our son C.R.C. would also be attending as he had also been invited personally by Fr. Mike along with the other employees of The Grotto of Lourdes at Mount Saint Mary’s in Emmitsburg. Fr. Mike is one of the chaplains at the Grotto.

The day arrived for us to go. I had to teach my CCD class at “Home Parish” and after that was over S.C.C. and I left to go to Fr. Mikes mass and dinner celebration. We had to stop in Emmitsburg first because we needed to pick up Raymond Sanders at St. Joseph’s. Raymond was waiting outside for us when we arrived. He got in the truck and it was then I noticed the odometer on the truck was 1.3.

We then rode to St. Mary’s in Fairfield and when we arrived the parking lot was full. I needed to invent my own parking spot by parking on the grass. As we were walking towards the church I said to S.C.C. and Raymond that it would be standing room only and there was no chance of getting a seat. I was wrong. C.R.C. was already there and had saved seats for all of us somewhat close to the front on the right hand side of the church. The mass was scheduled to begin at 3 pm but was a little late getting started. The entrance hymn was “Let Us Go To The Altar” and when that ended Fr. Mike said “Let us begin the mass, In the name of The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit.” It was at that very instant I felt the peace run through me. Because of this I glanced down at my watch and the time was 3:13:13.

It was an exceptionally beautiful mass with at least 10-12 priest present. Fr. Robert Malagesi MSSCC delivered the homily and talked about his formation as a priest under the direction of Fr. Mike. It came time to receive Holy Communion and because we were sitting in the exact seats that C.R.C. had saved for us we all, S.C.C., C.R.C. and myself received both the Body of Christ and The Blood of Christ in Holy Communion at 4:13.

Mass ended and a dinner reception followed at the Fairfield, PA fire hall. We got in the truck to travel the half mile or so and as we were pulling out I glanced down and noticed the trip meter portion of the odometer was 33.3. We arrived at the fire hall and the time on the dash was 4:33. The hall was packed. S.C.C. and I picked a seat and very shortly later Mike and Gianna Sullivan came and sat with us. Gianna told me that she ran into C.R.C. a few days earlier at the Grotto and spoke with him for a good while. Gianna then looked directly at me and said “I do believe C.R.C. will become a priest”. She then said a second time “I really believe C.R.C. will become a priest”. This made me think back to 1999 in St. Josephs when that unknown woman came up to me and told me C.R.C. would be a priest someday.

I went through the buffet line and as I was walking back to my table Fr. <name withheld> signaled for me to come over to where he was sitting. I told him that I was praying for a vocation in my family and he has my full support. Fr. <name withheld> then told me that he thinks they will have him (C.R.C.) in by fall. I only pray for God’s Will.

The dinner ended and people were leaving. We got in the truck and drove back to Emmitsburg to drop off Raymond. We dropped him off at his apartment and then drove the additional 250 feet and stopped at St. Joseph’s. I was a little surprised that we arrived at 7:12. S.C.C. and I said a quick prayer before leaving to drive home. Just as we were pulling out an oncoming car came around the corner. S.C.C. said “It’s C.R.C.” and just as we were leaving we ran into our son C.R.C. who was just arriving at St. Josephs. I was again stunned that our entire family was united in the front of St. Joseph’s at 7:13. We then drove home and arrived at 9:33. Later I sat down and prayed a rosary for C.R.C. and Fr. <name withheld> and glanced at my watch at the instant I finished and the time was 10:33:33.



April 27, 2018

12:13 PM