The Visionary of Our Lady in Emmitsburg, Gianna Sullivan Needs Our Prayers

July 29, 2018


There are many parts of my Emmitsburg experience that I have never written down. If I wrote everything down I would never finish. I thank God that He has allowed me to experience and witness these events because it has done me a lot of good and it has been very good for my family and others who have been touched by it in even in the slightest way. I have never witnessed anything but positive fruits with the people who embrace the apparitions and they always seem to be at peace regardless of the vile attacks against the apparitions. People who attack the apparitions seem to lack peace and become agitated at the mere mention of them. There are two sides to this and every apparition of The Blessed Virgin Mary dating back to the very first one to the most recent. Those two sides will never reconcile because one is of God and all those who desire His Will, the other is of Satan and his vulgar minions. Our Lady herself has said that where she comes also comes the devil to sow confusion and turmoil for the sole purpose of destroying all the good work God has done through His Immaculate Mother.

This is not going to be an easy paper to write because in the past I have focused mainly on positive events. In some of the early papers I have described some very negative events such as several demonic attacks (First, Second, Third, Fourth) against me by means of a series of dreams where the devil appeared and attempted to frighten me away from going to the Thursday Night Prayer Group. His attempts were a failure then because of the Grace of God and I pray any future attacks will also fail for the same reason. This has not been easy but at the same time I can also say this has been the most rewarding experience of my life. I have only received a small taste of the attacks that the devil can and does hurl at people who at least try to do God’s Will and support His Mother’s appearance. Based on what I have personally experienced I can only say that it would be hard for me to even try to imagine the attacks that Gianna Sullivan has experienced.

From the first days of the apparitions Gianna has been the target of many vicious attacks from both priest and laity. She had enough support to be able to endure it and continue on. It became much worse after the closure of the Thursday Night Prayer Group. To many people she was the laughing stock of Emmitsburg but I witnessed her holding her head high while enduring it. It became worse as time passed and more and more people were jumping on the bandwagon to reject her. I even remember an occasion in Emmitsburg where a woman spit at Gianna as she walked down the street.

Time passed and things got worse. Before long a local Emmitsburg resident along with a priest from the local area developed a website, “Emmitsburg Cult Watch” after realizing that support for the apparitions was not going away as fast as they would like. This website promoted lies, misinformation and made every attempt to degrade believers in the apparitions to a level lower and dumber than dirt.

It did not stop there. The attacks continued and got worse and more focused at Gianna over a period of time continuing to this very day with potentially devastating effects on her and her family. I must say at this point that her husband, Dr. Michael Sullivan has been a tower of strength and the brightest beacon of light shining on Our Lady of Emmitsburg and in return Our Lady’s light shining on him. He is a tower of strength and prayer. Because of the constant attacks Gianna suffered she has weakened, grown tired and is now in desperate need of our prayers. I have no doubt that these attacks are demonic in origin. I also know that only prayer can reverse their effects. The devil is strong, Our Lady is stronger and God is the ultimate strength. With this said I will now describe the events as it happened to me yesterday on a totally unplanned and spontaneous trip to Emmitsburg.

I was sitting at the breakfast table with S.C.C. this morning and I asked her if she would like to ride to the Grotto in Emmitsburg and go to the 12 noon mass. She declined but said she did not mind if I did. She said she was going to the 8:30 mass at "Home Parish". We both got ready and S.C.C. said I could drop her off at church and she would walk to her mother’s house and drive her truck home and I could leave to go to Emmitsburg. We got in the car and when I started it to leave the time on the dash was 8:13.

I drove to Emmitsburg and it was an easy drive. There was very little traffic compared to what it can be. I arrived at St. Joseph’s and just as I pulled up I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:33 (33 seconds). I did not go in because the 10:30 mass was in progress. I said a few prayers before leaving to go to the Grotto to see C.R.C. and attend the 12 noon mass. I arrived at the Grotto of Lourdes and I parked. I then noticed the odometer was 1313.

As I was walking into the Grotto I saw C.R.C. and we walked together to the statue of Our Lady of Fatima. I then glanced at my watch and the time was 11:13. C.R.C. then proceeded to tell me about an old friend of his who visited the Grotto with his mother and sent him a photo via text of the golden statue of Our Lady at the Grotto. I could tell this made him very happy. I then asked him if he had time to pray a rosary with me. He said yes and we prayed the Luminous Mysteries. I glanced at my watch when we finished and the time was 11:33.

C.R.C. had to return to work and I walked to the glass chapel for mass. I saw Brother Paschal O’Brien and I sat next to him. Mass began and Fr. Daniel was the celebrant. Mass ended and I walked back to the statue of Our Lady of Fatima because it’s my favorite spot in the Grotto. I sat down and prayed another rosary for C.R.C. and God’s Will for him when it comes to pursuing the priesthood. I prayed the Glorious Mysteries and glanced at my watch at the instant I finished and kissed the crucifix and the time was 1:33:13.

From that point I just walked through the Grotto and stopped and sat on a bench overlooking the pool of water near the spring where people get water and thought back to my earliest days in Emmitsburg back in 1998 up to this point and thought about the many, many blessings that we as a family have received. People also walked up to me to tell me how much they love C.R.C. working at the Grotto. It made me feel very good. A little later without any regard for the time I left and drove back to Emmitsburg. I stopped at St. Joseph’s and was caught by surprise to notice that when I arrived the time was 2:33. I sat in the car and prayed both the Joyful and Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary for C.R.C. and when I finished I glanced at my watch and the time was 3:13:13.

I then left St. Josephs and drove into Fairfield. I wanted to ride by our old house just to see how it’s looking. I will never forget Our Lady of Emmitsburg appeared to Gianna in that house on May 13, 2006. As I thought about this while stopped on the road in front of the house I noticed the time was 3:33.

I then called P. B. and told him I would like to stop by for 5 minutes just to say hello. I did and ended up staying for dinner. During that time we talked about a lot of things pertaining to the apparitions of Our Lady and Gianna. Gianna seems to be lost at the present time and it is clear she is in desperate need of prayers. M.B and P.B. then told me about a private message that Our Lady of Emmitsburg gave back around 2008 or 2009 that because of it’s content needed to be destroyed. I was then told what the message said and I instantly knew I was to pray and pray hard. The part of the message stated that “Xxxxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxx x xxxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxxxxx.” I knew this needed prayer. I also realized that Mike Sullivan, P.B., M.B and now myself are the only people in the world who know about this message from Our Lady. I then left and on my way home stopped again at St. Josephs to pray about this and when I arrived the odometer on my car was 1333.


R. C.

July 30, 2018

10:13:00 PM