Public Masses Suspended Due To Corona Virus and the Need for Spiritual Communion

March 23, 2020


     I was in Emmitsburg Sunday March 15th and posted on the front door of St. Joseph’s was a sign stating “All Masses Canceled Until Further Notice.” It also said you were welcome to come in and pray but THE DOOR WAS LOCKED. This was an action in response to the Corona Virus pandemic the entire world seems to be experiencing these days.

     For the same reason public masses in the diocese of Arlington, where I live have been suspended. Unlike the Archdioceses of Baltimore where churches are shuttered and locked at least our churches are still open for 10 people or less at a time.

     We at <Home Parish> have been very blessed by the fact that our pastor has been celebrating a private mass in the church after Liturgy of The Hours each morning because 10 or less people are present. However the only mass being said today was a private funeral for a parishioner named E.B. that was for family only.

     Receiving the Eucharist was especially important for me today because today is the 20th anniversary of the night in St. Joseph’s during the apparition of Our Lady of Emmitsburg that Our Lady appeared to Gianna Sullivan while I was leading the rosary from the front of the church. There were also other <Home Parish> parishioners present at St. Joseph’s that night some of which have their own story to tell. That will be up to them. The message Our Lady of Emmitsburg gave that night is as follows:

My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, there is not just one event that will identify you as a true child of God, because to be a true child of God is outlined in your way of life.

There is no quick remedy to change the effects of history.

The only authentic proof of being a child of God is in the fruitful actions of love in your life.

You cannot convince skeptics to believe in your ways or that you are from Heaven.

The most profound undeniable proof of being from Heaven is portrayed in your continuity, humility, simplicity, purity of heart and actions of love.

It is revealed in the way you live your daily gift of life.

The world today seeks a quick resolution to problems which took generations to surface.

Change takes time because it must first commence with the change of heart.

This is why I have urged you to begin now and not delay any longer or wait until the end to act upon the areas which are preventing you from being called a child of God.

God has given to you signs and proof; but you fail to even recognize His gifts, just as people failed to recognize Him as He walked on this earth.

Turn your attention to those who are not looking for power, prestige, notoriety, fame, attention or material empires.

Look at those who live daily by serving others and who have continuity in their actions of love and service.  Look at the fruits which are ongoing.

Look at those people whose actions of “littleness” challenge you, even if those actions make you feel uncomfortable.

Look at those people whose ways are simple.

Look and you will find here in this small town where I have come, the Center of My Immaculate Heart, authentic children of God.

This is a community which rises together in hardships and joins in helping one another as recorded throughout history when sisterhood and brotherhood laid the foundation of love.

This community will continue to rise together and assist in helping all the many people who will come to this, My Center of My Immaculate Heart, because they are humble, simple loving children of God; and their actions of love will embrace and heal those seeking refuge.

I bless you, little children, with the Peace of Jesus, and I take your petitions to Him.

Thank you for your response to my call.


     Keeping this message of 20 years ago in my mind I went about the normal activities of my day. I had a mortgage closing to do in Barboursville. I left to drive to Barboursville and I was running a little early so I decided to stop at Our Lady of The Blue Ridge in Madison. At the instant I arrived and parked the car my phone rang. It was a request for another closing which I declined. I mention this because taking that call was another event out of my control that caused  me to walk in the church at the instant I did and the time being 12:13:13. I prayed the Glorious Mysteries for my son C.R.C. and this Corona Virus mess we are in. I glanced at my watch as I finished and kissed the crucifix and the time was 12:33.

     I did my closing in Barboursville and then drove home. After I arrived home I got the mail out of the mail box and I received a check for a closing I did back on March 9th. During that closing I told the people about Our Lady of Emmitsburg. As I was marking that closing paid and recalling telling them about the events at St. Joseph’ I just happened to notice the time was 4:13. This is not the first time something like this has happened but the first time I have mentioned it.

     Later in the evening S.C.C. and I were sitting at the kitchen table and S.C.C. suggested that we pray our rosary now. I don’t remember what mystery we prayed but I do remember that when we began I glanced up at the kitchen clock and the seconds were 33.We finished the rosary and there was nothing special about the time. SUDDENLY I remember that I had a spiritual communion card in my car that Mike Sullivan had given me. I had to go out to the car to get it since we had not received the Eucharist today. Susan and I made the Spiritual Communion and at the instant we finished I looked up and the time on the kitchen clock was 8:33:33.


R. C.

April 23, 2020

1:33 PM