"Parish Church" / St. Mary’s

Thursday March 16, 2006

Despite what is said about the apparitions of Our Lady here in Emmitsburg and the constant, never ending attacks I feel like I am given the strength to continue. I think the past events that give me the most strength and peace is when I recall the evening of June 7, 2002 when I saw Jesus appear in the sanctuary of St. Joseph's church. Every time I think about that I instantly recall the night of December 8, 2004 when I saw Our Lady of Emmitsburg at 3:33 am and vice versa.

The attacks against Our Lady never stop, stories change and those involved seem to always be in a state of agitation and turmoil. Those who support the apparitions seem to constantly be in a state of peace and the story goes unchanged. Each new attack is simply another obstacle that can only be overcome with prayer and honesty. A tremendous source of strength and peace for me as I witness and record these events is the fact that what I have reported is true. If it were not I would only be wasting my time and condemning my own soul to hell. I am not going to do either. When overwhelmed by the opposition all I have to do is think about the truthfulness of the papers I have written. The peace that comes with what I have written, because it is true, is the strength God gives me to continue.

Today is one of those days where I suddenly felt inspired to do something that was not part of any plans I had for the day. Because I recognized it as another event that happens to me I responded to it and this is how it went.

I left the house this morning and drove to St. Joseph's for the 6:30 am mass but I arrived to late. There was a traffic backup on Main St. in Emmitsburg. I was somewhat bewildered that I arrived so late and continued driving to Manassas for the 8:30 mass before going to work.

I arrived at All Saint's and attended mass there. At the end of mass they announced the death of Caroline Link. Caroline was the maintenance lady at All Saint's and we had become good friends. After hearing this news I glanced at my watch as I realized who they were talking about and it said XX:XX:33. I walked out of the church and the first thing I noticed was a car directly in my path with the license plate of 33. It somewhat startled me. I then looked up after thinking what perfect timing that was only to see another car in the same way with the license plate of 13. I drove across the street to work and just as I arrived and the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 033.

The morning was fairly busy but not to bad. I was sitting at a co-workers desk taking part in a telephone conference call with our counterparts in Belgium. Suddenly while sitting in this meeting I was suddenly struck with a strong sense of peace. I thought about the protection Our Lady of Emmitsburg provides and I felt it. At the same instant I felt like I would have the opportunity to go to "hometown" today and drop off the latest pack of papers as well as stop by my house to pick up a computer monitor I had in storage there. It was so strong I knew to glance at my watch and the time was 10:13:33.

By the time the meeting finished our work queue had built up. I did not take my lunch break because of this and leaving for the day did not look likely. The work request stopped coming in and it looked like the afternoon was going to be slow. I asked my supervisor if I could take the afternoon off and he said that would be fine. I finished the last job I needed to do and left for the day. I got in my car to go to "hometown" and when I started it the time on the dash was 2:13.

I drove to "hometown" and had every intention of stopping by "Parish Church" first and drop off the pack of papers. I was sitting at the traffic light when suddenly I felt like I should go to my house and pick up the computer monitor first. It was so strong I actually said to my self "If I look down and see 13 or 33 I will go to the house first". I looked down and the odometer was 1.3. I drove straight to my house in "hometown" and arrived there at 3:13.

I talked to the people I rent the house to and went down into the storage room and picked up the monitor. I then wanted to go out back to the shed and start the lawnmower I have stored but the battery was dead. I then drove straight to "Parish Church" and arrived there and the time on the dash was 3:33. I glanced at my watch as I walked in the door and it said XX:XX:33. I dropped the packet of papers off on the table and went in the church to pray my daily rosary. During the rosary I had a sudden thought of missing mass this morning at St. Joseph's so I would be at mass at All Saint's to learn of my friend Caroline Link's death. As this thought ran through my mind I glanced at my watch and it said XX:XX:13. I prayed the Glorious and Luminous mysteries and when I finished I glanced at my watch and the time was 4:13.

I left and started driving towards home. I needed to stop in Frederick for a physical therapy treatment. While driving I was suddenly struck with a very strong feeling of peace of knowing I had done what I felt like I was being asked to do. I glanced down and the odometer was 3.3. I continued driving and again I felt the sudden, strong feeling that I should also drop off the papers to Fr. M___ at St. Mary's in Fairfield. It was strong so I glanced down at my watch and it said XX:XX:33 and it was then I also noticed the odometer was 333.

My first thought was that the church would be locked because I would be arriving back after therapy very late. I did not think there would be any way the church would be open but I knew I was going to try. I arrived in Frederick and had my physical therapy appointment and I then drove the rest of the way back to Emmitsburg. When I arrived at St. Joseph's the odometer was 1.3.

I then started driving the rest of the way home. Just as I passed Tract Rd which is a shortcut to St. Mary's I remembered that I needed to try to deliver the papers. Again I thought the church would be locked. I continued driving the long way around and when I got to St. Mary's the church was dark except of one small light that is always on. There was one car in the parking lot. I thought it was a waste of time even getting out of the car. I walked up to the church and was almost shocked when I pulled on the door and it opened. I dropped the papers off on Fr. M____'s counter and left. I never saw anyone. I got back in the car and the odometer was 13. I drove the rest of the way home and just as the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 013.

R_____ C___

April 4, 2006

9:13 Pm