We Will Be Going To Medjugorje in December

November 13, 2006

It is very hard for me to describe just how identical the feeling of peace is that I experience in both Emmitsburg and Medjugorje. Every trip to Medjugorje that I have made coincided with another important event.

On our first trip to Medjugorje S.C.C.’s father died while we were there. The second time I went to Medjugorje coincided with the Baltimore commissions negative report on Emmitsburg. During this trip I had a vivid dream which confirmed the mistake made by the commission. This dream was so vivid and timed so perfectly I believe I should refer back to it in this paper. In the October 4, 2002 paper I wrote:

When I went back to the room I went to bed. Later during the night I had a dream that left me very sad even after I woke up. In the dream I suddenly found myself in St. Joseph’s church in Emmitsburg. I was watching Gianna Sullivan have an apparition of Mary. Gianna’s face was radiant and joyful just like we are accustomed to seeing her on Thursday nights. Very suddenly Gianna’s expression changed to sudden sadness and a look of disbelief. It was very evident to me that Mary had just told her something that she did not want to hear. Gianna started crying to the point of uncontrollable sobs. When the apparition was over Gianna went running out of the church still sobbing. In the next scene of the dream I am sitting on the curb along the street in front of St. Joseph’s when a woman walks up to me and ask “What do you think that was all about ?” I said “I don’t know” and then I woke up.

When I woke up I tried to block out the dream and not think about it but that was impossible because this dream had that unique texture and vividness that sets it apart from regular dreams. I have had these extremely vivid dreams before. I still did not want to think about it. We ate breakfast then departed for the airport. About 1 or 2 hours into the flight Don G came walking back to where Ted and I were sitting and said “I’ve got bad news, Cardinal Keeler has rejected Gianna Sullivan”. Don said that Michael Brown had just received the news and told him. Instantly my mind went straight to the dream I had during the night. At this point the dream that I did not even want to think about suddenly became a cushion that gave me something to soften this soul crushing news. I knew without a doubt that God had allowed this dream because He knew I was going to need it.

Our third trip coincided with my uncle Frank Shaw’s death and the fourth trip put us in Medjugorje for the death of Pope John Paul II. In every trip to Medjugorje the same exact things that started happening to me at the Thursday Night Prayer Group at St. Josephs in Emmitsburg also happened to me at St. James in Medjugorje confirming to me that they are both of the same source. With this said S.C.C., C.R.C. and myself will be returning to Medjugorje on December 27th. Today is just one example of how everything falls into place.

I stopped at St. Joseph’s on my way to work this morning and just as I arrived the CD flashed 13. I prayed for a few minutes before leaving to go to Manassas. I prayed about our trip to Medjugorje. As I pulled out the CD flashed 333.

I drove to work in Manassas and it was a fairly busy day. Later when I took my lunch break I rode over to All Saints to pray my daily rosary. At the instant I arrived I looked up and another car arriving at the same time, directly in front of me had the license plate of 333.

I went in the chapel and prayed both the Joyful and Sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. I prayed about our upcoming trip to Medjugorje. I returned to work and later in the afternoon I walked over to a vacation schedule calendar that hangs on the wall. My vacation was already approved but I filled this in so co-workers could see at a glance that I would be out of the office during this time. As I did this I was suddenly struck with peace, I knew to glance at my watch and the time was 4:13.

When I got off work for the day I rode back to Emmitsburg and attended the Miraculous Medal Novena and mass at St. Josephs. I glanced at my watch as I walked in the church and it said XX:XX:33. Fr. O’Malley was the priest. I prayed about our trip to Medjugorje. Mass ended and both Becky Brown and Jim T stopped me to talk. At the instant we finished talking and were leaving a car whizzed around the corner with the license plate of 13. I drove home and pulled in my driveway and glanced at my watch and the time was 8:33:00

R_____ C___

Nov. 26, 2006

7:13 Pm