Our Lady Appears To Gianna Again At Our House

Sunday April 20, 2008

It does not seem possible that it has been almost 2 years since Our Lady first appeared to Gianna Sullivan in our living room on May 13, 2006. I described the details of this event in the May 11-13, 2006 paper. One fact that I did not mention in that paper, because I did not realize it until after I wrote the paper, was that the Julian date was 133. In other words, May 13, 2006 was the 133rd day of the year.

Saturday April 19, 2008

I was driving out to Karen and Mick Major’s farm today because there was surprise birthday party for Sherry Masser. When I got as far as St. Joseph’s which was along the way I stopped to say a quick prayer. I had no intention of going in. When I arrived I was caught by complete surprise when I glanced down and noticed the time on the dash was 3:33.

It was at that instant I had a sudden out of nowhere thought that I should go to confession just in case it is Our Lady’s intention to appear to Gianna at the Jesus of Mercy Prayer group which is at our house tomorrow evening. This sudden and unexpected thought caused me to glance at my watch and it said XX:XX:33.

I went in St. Joseph’s and got in the back of a long confession line. My turn eventually came and after confessing my sins I glanced at my watch as I exited the confessional and it said XX:XX:13. I went to my pew and prayed my penance and then prayed my daily rosary. I prayed the Glorious mysteries and never looked at the time until I finished the rosary and kissed the crucifix. The time was 4:13:00.

Sunday April 20, 2008

The day did not start off very well. I got up with the intention of attending the 8:30 mass at St. Joseph’s this morning because I was going to get a haircut from Wayne Warthen afterwards who is just down the street. When I walked in the church I noticed mass was about half way over and it was then I remembered the Sunday mass begins at 8:00. Weekday masses are at 8:30.

Anyway I saw Wayne as mass ended and he told me to stop by for the haircut at 10:00 AM. Since I now had plenty of extra time on my hands I decided to stay in the church and pray the rosary before getting the haircut. I prayed the Glorious and Joyful mysteries. During the rosary Fr. Steve stopped me and asked if I would help him carry a few things because of his bad back. I helped Fr. Steve and went back to my rosary. Because of this delay I completed the rosary and the time was 9:33.

I got my haircut and then went back to St. Joseph’s for the noon mass since I missed most of the mass earlier this morning. I arrived and just as the car came to a complete stop the CD flashed 133. After mass I rode home and when I arrived the odometer was 13. Later in the day I sat down and wrote the April 6 paper and completed it at 3:33:13.

I then helped S.C.C. get things ready for the Jesus of Mercy Prayer group that was being held at our house this evening. After getting every thing ready the members started to arrive. Richard and Rosalie Schneider were the first to arrive. About 10 minutes or so later Mike and Gianna Sullivan arrived. As I looked out the window and saw them I glanced at my watch and the time was 5:13.

A couple of minutes later the last couple arrived which was Jim and Susan T who I knew from Our Lady of The Blue Ridge in Madison, Va. We stood around at talked for a little while before starting the prayers. We read our Liturgy of The Hours for today which was followed by the rosary.

We prayed the Glorious mysteries and I was again astounded when Our Lady made her daily apparition to Gianna in our living room for the 2nd time. Our Lady appeared to Gianna during the 4th decade and gave a beautiful message. We completed the rosary and a few minutes later (about 10) I was suddenly and out of nowhere struck with peace and joy that Our Lady again appeared in our house. I did not feel worthy. I glanced at my watch as this CRASHED through my mind and the time was 6:33:13.

We had dinner and it was a nice evening. It was very evident to me the suffering Gianna and Mike are forced to endure as a result of the apparitions. I felt the need to pray extra hard for them. This is what Our Lady wants. Their strength and endurance is almost unbelievable. After dinner everyone left. Gianna was the last to leave and I helped carry things out to her car in the rain. I then walked back in the house and it was then I noticed the time was 8:13.

Later in the evening S.C.C. suddenly and unexpectedly suggested that we pray a family rosary in thanksgiving of Our Lady appearing tonight. We prayed the Luminous mysteries and I glanced at my watch as we finished and the time was 9:13.

R_____ C___

May 18, 2008

8:33 Pm